A Christmas Card & Free Printables

So I think I might be addicted to foiling. It is such a quick and fun technique that really gives your projects a professional look that really amazes the recipient. Every time I have given a card with foiling on it, the recipient has said “Did you really make this?” and “How did you do that?” with a little awe in their voice.

There are tons of free downloads online that you can print off with your laser printer and foil, but I so enjoy drawing my own designs and turning them into cards.

Right now I am really loving all the deer heads and antlers that I am seeing on Pinterest projects for a rustic chic look. When I was thinking of a design for  a Christmas card, this really appealed to me, but I also wanted to make it a bit more festive, so I decided to add some lights throughout the antlers!

I loved this design so much, I made two different sets of cards with it I’ll share one with you today along with the free printable to make your own. Also, I know not everyone is into foiling, or simply doesn’t have the tools to do the technique, so I also made a colored free printable, which you can simply print off and slap onto a card base!

Here’s my process:

First, you need to print off the image using a laser printer. It has to be a laser print for this technique to work. I use this laser printer. Along with using this printer for all my foiling techniques, I also use it for everyday printing as it is much more economical, especially with a seven year old that is constantly wanting to print off coloring pages and things he’s made on the computer!

I printed the image onto some Date Swirl cardstock by Bazzill. You will see in an upcoming photo that I didn’t adjust my printer’s settings to print onto cardstock. This gave me a bit of a different texture, which I actually ended up loving, but if you don’t you’ll want to go into your printer settings and change it to print onto cardstock.


Next, I cut out my images along the black lines. These are a bit of a challenge to see on the black cardstock, but you can always go back and trim off any that you missed after you apply the foil.


Now comes the fun part! To foil your images you simply want to place your heat reactive foil, SHINY SIDE UP,  onto the image you want to foil. For this project I used Thermoweb’s foil in Rose Gold and Gold for these cards.

(Yep, I got mine for 2.99 on clearance!!!) Whoops, forgot to take that sticker off!


Now you want to place your project inside a carrier sheet; I use a sheet of regular printer paper folded in half, and run it through your laminator or Minc machine. I use this laminator, with it set to 5MM heat.


As you can see, since I didn’t set up my printer for cardstock, I got a bit of texture on my foiled pieces, however, I kind of loved it. I guess you could call it a happy accident!

I think it sort of adds to the rustic feel of the deer image!


So after my “happy mistake” I decided to play up the texture of the images and sort of carry it throughout the finished card. I took an old embossing folder that I picked up at Hobby Lobby with a wood grain pattern and ran it through my Big Shot with some vellum.


To finish off these cards, I made two top folding A2 card bases from Papertrey Ink’s Autumn Rose Cardstock and used some Score Tape and Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue to adhere all of my layers together.


Here are  a few more pictures of the finished cards.


Now if you want to make your own, here are the handy dandy printables!

Deer Printable in Black and White

Deer Printable Color and Glitter

Thanks for looking and Happy Crafting!

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