Vellum Shakers

I liked my design of the “deer head with lights” so much that I wanted to use it again and also try foiling onto vellum. I absolutely love how these cards turned out. A fair warning though, this is only my second time EVER sewing with a machine, so my stitches are a bit, a lot rough!

Here is my process for these cards:

I started by simply printing off the Black and White Free Printable with my laser printer. Again, this has to be printed with a laser printer in order for this technique to work.

After you have your printed page, simply trim out your card panels by cutting along the black outline, being sure to remove all of the black line because the foil will stick to wherever you have toner on the paper.


Now I forgot to take picture of this process, however if you look back through my blog, I have a few images of how to go about this next step. But all you do is simply place your heat reactive foil SHIINY SIDE FACING UP onto your image. For these images I used this pack of  foil from Heidi Swapp that contains both red and green. Then, you place your panel into a “carrier sheet”, I use a piece of printer paper folded in half, and send it through your MINC machine or laminator. I use this laminator for all of my foiling.


Here is an image of the foiled images after they have been run through the laminator. This technique never fails to amaze me! DeeronVellumProcess3

I had the idea to sew onto these cards, even though I’ve only sewn with a sewing machine once before, so I cut two panels, one from white and one from kraft cardstock, that measured 4 1/4 X 5 1/2. I then used my sewing machine and some white thread to sew my foiled vellum panels onto the white and kraft cardstock. I only sewed along three of the sides, so I could turn these into some fun shaker cards!

I also want to mention, this sewing machine of mine was gifted to me by my in-laws and is over 25 years old! Needless to say, I do not have a link of where you can buy it! I have to say, this being only my second time sewing with a machine, it was quite easy to use!


I knew I wanted to keep with “regular” Christmas colors for these cards, so I made a mixture of red, green, and gold sequins that I’ve had for quite some time. I do not have a link for the exact sequins I mixed, however, these sequins from Neat and Tangled are quite similar and pretty awesome!


I then took my panels back to my sewing machine and sewed the remaining side closed.

Sorry for the weird lighting of these pictures, I had to take my panels to my dining room table to sew them so my one year old could be placed securely in her high chair while I attempted this!


To finish these cards off I used some Score Tape to attach my shaker panels onto cards bases that I made from Kraft and White Cardstock. My card bases were also 4 1/4 X 5 1/2 so these cards really look like they’re one layer! I made sure to place some of the Score Tape over the loose threads so my cards wouldn’t come apart.



I love the way these cards turned out! They have all the fun of shaker cards, without the bulk. Now, I’m a little paranoid when it comes to the thick shaker cards. I’m always so worried the recipient is going to open the envelope and get a lap full of sequins, glitter, die cuts, etc. With these cards I really don’t have to worry about it, but they still give the card a bit of “awe”!

Here are a few more pictures of the finished cards! DeeronVellumFinishedCards4DeeronVellumFinishedCards2DeeronVellumFinishedCards1

Again, here is the free printable if you want to make your own.

Deer and Lights Free Printable Black and White

Also, if you don’t have a laser printer or just simply don’t like the look of  foil, I made another free printable that is “gold glitter” and colored. You can simply print it off and attach it to a card base for a quick Christmas Card or  dress it up a bit more! Here’s the colored printable!

Deer and Lights Glitter and Color



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