Using Digital Images

Using digital images is quite new to me. I never thought I would like them, but I’ve come to find them quite handy. They’re especially nice when you want something to color on a long car ride but don’t want to take the time, or simply just don’t have it, to mask and stamp out a bunch of panels.

Today, I will be sharing a card where the main focal point is a digital image that I purchased from Two Paper Divas. They have a very nice collection of digital images and the prices are AMAZING! And if digital images aren’t your thing, they also have a great selection of stamps too!

For this card I used the You Are The Light digital image. I do want to mention that although I used the digital image for this card, you can also purchase it in a clear stamp form here. After I had purchased and downloaded the image, I loaded it into my photo editing software, I use Adobe PhotoShop Elements 14, and resized it according to how I wanted it to be on my card base. Then, I just printed off the image.

Once I had the image printed off, I roughly trimmed it down to make it easier to handle while I colored it. I knew I would be trimming the panel down further, so I wasn’t careful to make clean, precise cuts at this point.



To color my image, I used colored pencils. I am still working to better my coloring skills, and trying to decide which mediums I like best, so for now I just use kid’s Crayola and Cra-Z-Art pencils. I just don’t know which mediums I am going to really stick with and until I make a decision, I really don’t want to invest a lot of money into any certain one. And for now, these work great for me. For this particular image, I used several different colors and just layered color until I got the blend I wanted.


Now that my image was colored, I trimmed off the excess paper, leaving none of the black lines that were around the image as a frame.


To give my card a bit of a pop, without taking away from the image, I decided to mount the image panel onto a bit of gold foil cardstock. I, unfortunately, didn’t have any. If you did you could easily just cut a piece out, but I had to take a few extra steps to make my own. I only had a few minutes to finish this card and really didn’t have the time to make a toner page on my computer, print it off, warm up my laminator, and then foil it. So what I decided to do was trim a piece of cardstock to slightly larger than colored panel and run some Scor-Tape, I believe mine is 1/8″, along each edge of the panel. Then I laid a piece of Thermoweb’s Gold Deco Foil onto the panel and used my bone folder to burnish it into place. It worked like a charm and I can use the leftover foil for another project!


Then, I used more of the same Scor-Tape to attach my colored panel to the foiled panel. And again, used the same tape to attach a piece of fun foam to the back of the foil panel.


To finish off the card I simply used, again, the same tape to attach the panel onto a top folding A-2 (4 1/4 X 5 1/2) white card base.


Here are a few more photos of the finished card!


I really love the simple design of this card that allows the colored digital image to shine!

As always, thanks for looking and happy crafting!




One thought on “Using Digital Images

  1. Beautiful card, and I just love this image. I think your coloring is wonderful, and I also agree to take your time to decide what coloring medium you like best. Until then, save your money. The pencils are wonderful! Hugs!


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