A Quick Valentine’s Day Card w/ Free Printable!

I have a VERY quick Valentine’s Day Card to share with you today. From start to finish, including foiling time, this card took me 10 minutes to complete.

Here is the very short video!



A quick summary of my process:

I printed off my image with my laser printer. VERY IMPORTANT** It has to be a laser printer with toner. The toner is what causes the reaction with the foil and makes it adhere to your image.

After printing I trimmed out my panel to be about 3 1/4 X 4 inches. I then laid my gold foil over my image shiny side up and, after placing my image in a carrier sheet, I ran it through my laminator. Let it cool, and then peel pack the foil to reveal an amazing foiled image! I matted my foiled panel onto a piece of gold glitter cardstock that was 1/2 inch wider using some double sided adhesive.

I wanted to give my card base a little something extra, since this was such a simple card, so I grabbed a scalloped border die and trimmed off both vertical edges of the card. This just gave my card a fun element that made it a bit different.

To finish off the card, I placed my foil and glitter panel onto my card base using some fun foam and double sided adhesive.

As I said before, there isn’t alot of work to this card. It was very simple and easy to make and perfect for a beginning cardmaker or for a last minute card!



Supply List


Free Printable


I will leave you all with a few pictures of the finished card!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks so much for looking!! Happy Crafting!!!


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