Adding Dimension to Die Cuts with Distress Markers

Today I want to share a technique with you that will give some life to your die cuts. In the video tutorial below I will show you how I add some dimension to my die cuts with Distress Markers. If you don’t have distress markers you can use any watercolor marker you may have on hand.


Here is the video tutorial:



I started this card by running my flower die through my die cut machine with felt underneath it. I DID NOT want to cut the flower out at this point I just wanted to emboss the image into the watercolor paper. This will give me a guide so I am easily able to really give detail to this die cut.

After I had my embossing done I started watercoloring. I will be working in layers to achieve the depth and dimension I want on this die cut. For my first layer of color I used the brush tip on my Worn Lipstick Distress Marker to apply color to each of the petals. I then came in with a very wet brush and pretty much completely blended out the color, making sure the entire image had color on it. I then used my heat tool to speed along the drying process, you can always let this air dry, however I am impatient. For my next layer of color I used the fine point of my Worn Lipstick marker and made “veins” on each flower petal, taking care to make sure they were add to the petal in the proper directions. I started my vein on the inner most edge of the petal and came out towards the outer edge. I then added more veins branching off from the center. After the color was down on my second layer, I came in with a damp brush and blended the color out about 75%. Again, I came in with my heat gun and dried this layer before moving on to the next. For my next layer I used my Barn Door Distress marker. I again added veins to each petal, and again, I kept turning my paper and made sure my strokes were going in the proper direction. For this layer I used a barely damp brush to blend out the layer and while it was still wet I came in with some Worn Lipstick, which I had scribbled onto a palette, and blended it in from the outside of each petal towards the red color. I then heat set this layer and moved on to my final layer. I used Barn Door on this layer and made sure I was starting my veins in the very inner most point of each petal. I didn’t make my strokes very long at all, I kept them focused towards the end of each petal. These I did not blend out at all. I left the color  completely vibrant and dry. To be sure this was completely dry before die cutting, I gave it one last zap with my heat tool.

**Your flower will look like a hot mess throughout this entire process until your complete your inlaying. Don’t worry this is completely normal.**

Because I had embossed my image earlier I was able to pop my die right back into place and run it through my die cutting machine. While I had my machine out I also cut the die from a piece of 3 1/4″ X 5 1/2″ white cardstock, making sure it was placed towards the bottom and centered between the left and right edges. I also cut the die from a piece of scrap black cardstock.

My white panel will be the panel that ends up on my card base and where I do all of my inlaying so I put a piece of typing paper behind the space where the die was cut from. Next, I put down the outline from the black die cut in the panels empty space with some Glossy Accents. I then started inlaying each of my petal into the black outline.

I also stamped a “get well soon” greeting underneath my die cut with Memento Tuxedo Black ink. I used my MISTI so I could stamp this twice, as Memento isn’t really a very rich black ink.

Once my die cut panel was complete I ran the horizontal stripes freebie I have on my blog through my laminator with some gold foil and then it was time to start assembling my card.

I started with an A2 white, top folding card base. I then attached about 1 1/4″ strip of the foiled striped paper I had made onto the right side of my card base. I will save the leftovers for another project. I then adhered my die cut panel onto the left side of the card base and then glued on a small strip of gold glitter cardstock in between the foiled paper and my die cut panel and that completed the card.


Free Printables

  1. AngledStripes
  2. HorizontalAndVerticalStripes


Supply List


So go and get out your supplies and give your die cuts some dimension with your distress or watercolor markers! Thanks so much for looking! Happy Crafting!!

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