No Line Watercolor

Watercolor is everywhere right now and it is really so much fun. I love to color in scenes and images this way. I had never tried my hand at no line watercoloring, but seeing it done everywhere really made me want to give it a try. Now mine, being the first time that I’d ever tried it, didn’t come out perfectly but I learned A LOT in the process. The first being it takes a lot of time to do this technique properly. If you only have an hour to make a card or not a lot of patience, this probably isn’t the technique for you. The next is start with simple images, like flowers. However, I also suggest that the set be more playful and “cartoonish” than realistic. I used an Avery Elle “Peonies” stamp set and it lended itself very well to this technique.

**If you want to check out some more no line watercoloring tutorials you can head here to No Line Watercoloring a Scene and also here to Stretch Your Stamps (Literally)**

I did make a video for you all to showcase how I made this card. Enjoy!


I started by stamping and masking a bouquet of flowers in a vase in the lower right hand corner on a piece of 4 x 5 1/4 piece of watercolor paper. When using the no line technique you really need to stamp in a very light water soluble ink. I chose to stamp all of my images in Antique Linen Distress Ink. It is light enough and a water soluble ink so it will disappear into all of the watercolor so no stamping lines are left.

This card was really just a lot of masking, stamping, and watercolor. For masking I did use masking paper, which is linked below, however you can always use typing paper, post it notes, etc. When the masking was finished I started water coloring the images. I used a very cheap set of watercolors for this since this card was really one big experiment. They so have a chalky feel to them, however they worked well for me.


Here are a few tips that I found while attempting this technique.

1 .Only attempt this technique if you have quite a bit of time. This technique takes  A LOT of time. I spent an entire afternoon completing just the watercolor on this card. It also doesn’t hurt to be have something else to work on because there is some wait time involved with drying.

2. Use a non realistic image. For my first attempt I chose the set I used because it more “cartoonish” and unrealistic. Also I chose a flower set because every flower and petal is different so I didn’t need to go for perfection with this. It also allowed me to not worry so much about the petals blending together. Which leads me into my next tip.

3. Work on sections that are not next to each other. When painting you want to be sure that you colors don’t blend together while wet. So you really need to make sure that you work on sections that aren’t close or next to each other. This keeps them from bleeding together and completely losing definition in your image.

4. Work in layers. Now in normal watercolor you work in layers also but with no line watercolor you REALLY need to work in layers. One layer of color won’t give your finished piece enough depth or definition.

5. PRACTICE. You can’t expect your first attempt to be perfect. I intentionally wanted to show my first attempt because in all honesty it isn’t that great. I also knew it wouldn’t be that great because I hadn’t ever tried to do it. But just keep trying and practicing and eventually you will have a finished piece that you’re proud of. I turned my finished piece into a card because I had put in so much time and effort. Also, even though it kind of turned into one big blob of a flower, I was pretty proud of how my first attempt turned out.


Back to the card! I finished this card off by building a “Love You Always XO” sentiment and stamping it in black dye ink. I used my MISTI for this because after all the time I spent I wasn’t about to ruin the card at this point! This is another reason I love this stamp set. It has all of these great words and phrases that you can use to build and customize your own sentiment!

I attached the watercolor panel to a light pink A2 top folding card base using double sided adhesive and fun foam. I added  bit of bling in the form of sequins, attached them with glossy accents and called this card finished!


I really hope I have encourage you to try the no line watercolor technique and that my tips were helpful! If you want to check out any of the supplies I used, they are all linked below. Thanks so much for looking! Happy Crafting!!


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