A Teacher Gift + A Card

When I started this blog I also wanted to share some of my other crafty interests besides cards. Now that it is warm and dry enough here in Iowa, I can start to share some of my wood crafts. I absolutely love to make “wooden crafts” however I can really only make them six months out of the year here. So be prepared to see a few of these on my blog now!

I know some of you won’t really be into that sort of thing, however, I promise these are really “user friendly” and don’t take a lot of tools or tool know how to get done. I will also make sure that there is a card and video to go along with each one I post, just to keep everyone satisfied! LOL!

Today’s project is a pencil shaped pencil holder, made from a 2×4. This will be a gift for my child’s teacher so I have also made a card to give with the gift! If you want to see how I made the card, here’s the video!


I won’t be giving a written explanation of my card today, if you want to watch the video above I walk you through it, but I am going to tell you how to make this pencil shaped pencil holder! I promise it’s super easy and anyone can do it! So let’s get to it!

Supply List

  • 2 x 4 @ 10 inches
  • Miter or Jig Saw
  • Drill w/ 5/16 Drill Bit
  • Sandpaper or Handheld Sander
  • Triangle, Pencil, Ruler/Tape Measure
  • Acrylic Paint – Pink, Light & Dark Grey, Yellow, Light Brown, Cream
  • Paint Brushes
  • Optional- Printer, Ball Point Pen, Tape
  • Pencils & Ribbon for wrapping


Step 1:

  1. Starting with a 2×4 measure out 10 inches from the end.
  2. After measuring the width of your wood (It is not going to be an exact 4 inches, so make sure to measure) Find the center and using your triangle align with both sides and make two lines that intersect the middle.
  3. This is what you should end up with.


For my next steps I used a double compound miter saw. You DO NOT have to use a saw like this, especially if you do not feel comfortable doing so. A jigsaw will work just as well, you’ll just need to do a bit more sanding! Also, if you don’t feel comfortable using any saw, you can always ask someone nicely to do it for you! LOL!

  1. I first set the angle of my blade to 45 degrees, checked my blade was lined up with my pencil line (I do have a laser guide, but I ALWAYS check with my blade to make sure I’m lined up properly). When I was happy with my placement I clamped down my wood so it wouldn’t jump around on me
  2. I then carefully cut with my saw. The best advice I can give is to take your time. Do not force your blade through, let it guide you and your speed.
  3. With one angle cut, I moved my blade to a -45 degree angle and repeated the process of lining up my blade with my pencil mark and clamping down the wood. I then cut down, taking my time and letting the blade determine how fast to go.
  4. This is what you should end up with. almost an arrow or “pencil” shaped block of wood.


  1. Turning my block of wood on it’s side I used a pencil and marked out 11 places where I would drill to make holes for the pencils to be placed. I could fit 11 different openings on mine, but you could do more or less depending on your preference.
  2. I loaded my drill with a 5/16″ drill bit. This size fits a #2 pencil perfectly!
  3. I carefully drilled holes about 1″ down into the block of wood at each of my pencil marks. You can see how well my pencil fits into the hole!


  1. Next it was time for sanding. Since this is for a teacher’s desk and little hands will be around it, make sure to do a good job sanding. I used my little electric hand sander (these are not very expensive tools at all) however, you can just use sand paper sheets and your hand.
  2. To remove all of the dust from sanding I just used a piece of cheesecloth, but you just want to make sure you get all of the sanding dust off or it will mix with the paint and create some odd colors (ask me how I know this!).


tutorialpicSo now it was time to paint this block of wood to create a pencil! Here are the measurements I used and also the paint colors I used. You can use any acrylic paint you might have on hand and can also tweak the measurements if you need to. If you want an exact match to what I used, you can pick up these paints at any Michaels. They are very often on sale too! (I bought mine for $0.30 each on sale)

  • 1.5″ is the eraser and is painted Pink
  • .75″ is the metal portion of the pencil and is painted Grey
  • 5.75″ is the body of the pencil and is painted Yellow or Mustard Yellow here
  • ~1″ is the wooden sharped part of the pencil and is painted light brown or Golden Brown here
  • The remainder or “point”of the pencil is the lead and is painted Dark Grey

Screenshot (1)

At this point in the project you could choose to be done and it would be a fantastic gift, but i wanted to take it a step further and personalize it. Now I do not have great handwriting so hand painting a name is pretty much out for me. If you feel comfortable doing that go for it! If not then I have a solution for you!

First measure the yellow portion of your pencil and create a new project in Photoshop Elements that is the same size. Mine was 3.25″ x 5.75″ so that is the size of my canvas in the program. Then, using the text tool, I typed in my son’s teacher’s name in a font that I liked, there are tons of free fonts online, and stretched it out to fit my project. Once I was happy with my font and the size I printed this off onto regular computer paper.


  1. Fit your printed paper around your pencil and use some painter’s tape, masking tape, washi tape, whatever you have to secure it. When you’re happy with the placement of the name, using a BALL POINT pen, trace the outline of the letters. It has to be a ball point pen. Any other type of pen or marker will not work.
  2. When you are sure you’ve outlined everything you can remove the paper and you should have a nice indentation on your wood that you can follow/fill in when you paint.


Using acrylic paint and a small pointed brush fill in the name on the pencil. I am using “Vanilla” acrylic paint which is a cream color, however you can really use whatever color you want.


Your pencil holder is done! Now you can get it ready to give as a gift however you want to. I attached 11 pencils (since there are 11 holes) to the top of the holder with some ribbons and tied them in a bow.

finished projectfinished project 2

Now you have a handmade, usable gift and a handmade card to give to any teacher in your life! This is an excellent end of the year, middle of the year, beginning of the year, or teacher appreciation gift!

finished project 4finished project 3

I hope you all enjoyed the card and gift tutorial for today. Let me know if you give this project a try and I would LOVE to see pictures if you do!!

The supplies I used on the card for today are all linked up below and the supply list for the pencil holder are all listed above at the beginning of the tutorial!

Thanks so much for stopping by and looking!! Happy Crafting!!

Two Paper Divas “Back to School” Stamp Set


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