Making a Box & Bow with the Envelope Punch Board

Friday I made a set of tags to give as a gift as a thank you, but I needed a cute way to present them. I decided to make a box with the help of my envelope punch board to hold them and also with my envelope punch board I made a bow for the finishing touch. You can check out the video below to see exactly how I did it!!

And if you missed how to make the tags you can head HERE!!

To build my box I first needed all of the measurements. Luckily I found the The Box Buster which is by The Crafty Owl (Check out her blog, it’s great!!) and I was able to  put in all of my dimensions and it did all the math for me! My depth was set at .75″, width 3.25″, and height 3″. With these input into the box buster it told my my paper needed to be an 8″ square my first score and punch at 2.75″ and my second score and punch at 7″. I then completed all of the other score and punch marks by simply lining up my first ones with the arrow, just like you would an envelope.

Finished Box 2

Once all of my punching and scoring was done I moved on to putting the box together. I folded mine up a bit different so the top was open to allow for the top of the tags to poke out and make it more of a holder than a box. I used a bit of glossy accents to hold it all together. I also cut a piece of white cardstock that was slightly smaller than the front of my box stamped out a scene with the “Baked with Love” stamp from Lawn Fawn and then colored it in with my alcohol markers. I attached this panel with some double sided adhesive to the front of the box.

Finished Box 1

To finish off the box I needed a nice red bow, the only problem being I had no plain red ribbon. So I pulled out a piece of red card stock and cut a .75″ strip that was 8 inches long. Using my envelope punch board I lined up my paper at 4″ and made a punch and flipped the paper over and did the same on the opposite side. I also made a punch on both sides of both ends. Using double sided adhesive I pulled both ends into the center and fluffed up the loops and then wrapped a thin piece of red card stock around the center to hide the ends. To finish off the bow I took the leftover strip of .75″ card stock, cut it in half and then inserted the ends into the punch board and made a v shaped punch for a fishtail look. I attached these to the back of the bow with glossy accents and attached the bow to the top right corner of the box with foam tape.

Teaser Card


The envelope punch board has turned into such a useful tool! I bought it on a whim and really it has become a tool that can’t be substituted. This little box was a perfect and unique way to give a gift and the bow just topped it all off!

If you’re interested in any of the supplies I used on today’s project they are all linked below! Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy Crafting!!

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