Lunchbox Notes #3

We are now on the third week of lunchbox notes!! If you’re just reading/stumbled upon this post first you can head back and watch the last two weeks of video tutorials Here (for week one) & Here (for week two). Today I wanted to share some REALLY simple lunchbox note designs anyone could do, using only stamp set. I also wanted to keep the coloring really simple and use a product that anyone, even moms/dads/caretakers that aren’t that into crafting, could pick up at the local grocery store! So for today’s coloring on the cards I will be using Sharpies and Bic Markers to color in all of the stamping! You can watch the video tutorial below for all the details.


So I started off with three pieces of white cardstock measuring 2.5″ x 5″, folding these in half I end up with three cards measuring 2.5″ x 2.5″. Using The Alleyway Stamp set “Learning Curve” (This is no longer available, however, there are many alternatives linked below!) and Memento Tuxedo Black Ink I stamped my first card. I simply stamped down the worm image right in the center of the card front. For my second card I masked off against fold at the top of the card and repeatedly stamped the crayon image at an angle across the card front. For my third card I used the calculator image and stamped it at an angle on the card front. Now, I wasn’t happy with the just the worm image on the first card so to dress it up a bit, I stamped the books underneath him and the small apple on his tail to make it appear as if he is standing on the books with his tail holding the apple.

Finished Cards 2

For the coloring of these images I brought out my big bag of Sharpie markers and Bic Markers. These are alcohol markers and you can do a bit of blending with them if you with, however I kept it very simple using only one color for each image. The trick to making these markers look their best is to color in small circular motions and going over the area a few times to smooth out any streaking. You also need to take your time with the coloring and just keep moving your marker in slow, small, circular motions.

Finished Cards 4

To finish off these cards I stamped the sentiment “You’re out of this world”, included in the stamp set, on the inside of each card.

The stamp set I used (The Alleyway Stamps – Learning Curve) is no longer available, however, I have listed a few alternatives that have very similar images included.

**I thought about linking up some Sharpie Markers and Bics as well, however, with it being back to school time you can find them for so much cheaper at your local store.**


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