Cardmaking 101: 3 Ways to Condition Stamps

On Thursday I used a stamp set from Inspired by Stamping that was solid lines. Even though Inspired by Stamping has high quality stamps, it is always best to really condition your stamps, especially solid ones, so you get the best impression possible, no matter if they are high quality or not. Sometimes, certain inks don’t want to go go on smoothly to your clear stamps and bead up on the surface. This can be because of the ink or a leftover film from the manufacturing process of the stamps. I know of three different ways to condition your clear/acrylic stamps, you can watch the video below to see exactly how it’s done.



The first way that I know of to condition your stamps is to use Versamark Ink. It is a very simple process. You simply need to ink up your stamp with the Versamark Ink and let it dry on the stamp. Versamark, by nature, is very hard to remove from your stamp once it is dried on there, but it creates a smooth surface for the ink to grab onto and keeps it nice and smooth. When you clean your stamp, the Versamark will stay behind and you’ll still have that nice smooth surface the next time you use it as well.


The second way to condition your clear stamps is with an eraser. During the manufacturing process a film is sometimes left behind on the surface of the stamp. Simply rub your eraser over the surface of the stamp. This will remove that film and should leave your stamp free of any residue, creating a nice clean stamping surface.


The final, and my favorite, way to condition your stamps is with a sanding block or emery board. Just rub your block lightly over the surface of the stamp vertically, then lightly along the stamp horizontally. This will create tiny little scratches in the surface of your stamp that allow the ink to really hold onto the stamp better and creates a smoother stamped result.


Here are the results of each stamp before conditioning and then using each conditioning method mentioned above. As you can see each method produces better results than before conditioning, however, the sanding block is by far the best results but I do see why this scares some people! Just lightly sand the stamp and don’t put hardly any pressure and no damage will be done!

No matter the method you choose, these are all great ways to condition your clear stamps and will greatly improve the stamping quality of any solid stamp you might be having trouble with.

You can find all the supplies I used today, along with the stamp set (check out the card set I created with it HERE), linked down below. Thanks so much for stopping by!! Happy Crafting!!

Background Basics Lines Stamp Set – Inspired by Stamping


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