Cardmaking 101: Stamp Positioners

Stamp Positioners are not a tool you necessarily “need” in cardmaking and stamping, but they can save you literally and figuratively. My stamp positioners (yes I have two) have saved me money in cardstock and also saved me so much time. I’m sure you’ve had a time or two or three where you have put so much work into a card panel, whether it be coloring or adding embellishments, and then it is ruined by stamping on your sentiment. One wrong “stamp” and the entire panel is finished and you have to either try and salvage and spend more time fixing your mistake or you have to toss it, wasting money. Either way it’s frustrating and can really be off putting for beginner and seasoned stampers. Stamp Positioners have fixed all of that for me, I can use mine to stamp on that final sentiment (because I forget mine EVERY SINGLE TIME), or stamp my scenes knowing I can easily double stamp if something isn’t as crisp or doesn’t stamp as well as I would like. Below you can watch the video and also read the write up telling you about the two I use and why I like them!


The first stamp positioner I want to talk about is the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig. This was the first positioner I bought and though it has been neglected in my craft room lately, I still love it and it does definitely have it’s place. The positioner comes in especially handy when you’re using wood mounted stamps. Watch the video above to see exactly how it works!


The Stampamajig comes with two pieces a plastic handle that has right angles on both the left and right hand side (for both left and right handed people) and it also comes with a plastic sheet. The handle is a nice size and does have a foam backing that has just the right amount grip that allows it to stay put but still slide nicely if you need it to. The plastic sheet has a smooth and textured side so you can use both dye and pigment inks with less smearing, but still easy to clean. If you happen to misplace your plastic sheet (it happens, trust me) you can use acetate to fill in, just make sure it has a square corner.

The most appealing feature the stampamajig offers is being able to use it for your wood mount stamps. Being able to position your wood mount stamps exactly where you want them before stamping, re-stamping if you need to, and being able to use a variety of techniques (i.e. shadow stamping, multi color sentiments, ombre images, etc.) with this tool really opens up alot of opportunities and also saves your a ton of money and product!


Moving onto the MISTI (Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented). This is definitely an investment and I completely understand that the price tag alone is quite off putting, I myself thought it wasn’t worth the money, until my husband surprised me with it. Now, I can’t imagine crafting without it. I can say that the money and time I’ve saved in ruined projects has saved me quite a lot of money and a whole lot of frustration.


Watch the video above to see exactly how the MISTI works. When you purchase the  MISTI it comes with two magnets, a sample pad of grid paper and a foam insert. The foam insert is to use with your clear stamps and if you want to use cling stamps, remove the foam insert. The grid paper helps you line up your paper, especially if you need to move your paper away from the corner while stamping off the panel. The magnets are so helpful in keeping your paper from shifting and they just give you that extra bit of reassurance that your paper isn’t moving. Be careful with the magnets as they are VERY strong and will pinch fingers and if you allow them to snap together too often they will break. They will still be usable, but broken none the less. I have the original size of the tool, which retails for 60.00 USD, but My Sweet Petunia now offers a Mini MISTI that retails for 45.00 USD. If you are a scrapbooker who works with a lot of 12 x 12 papers, there is also a larger version that retails for 100.00. Personally, I prefer my original size, but if you travel with your supplies quite often the mini version might be a better option.

The MISTI is a very well thought out tool, the hinges and all surfaces are acrylic and wipe clean very easily with an alcohol free baby wipe. And with the hinges being acrylic in material they aren’t going to rust. This is especially beneficial to mixed media artists who may be using water or other liquids that would typically rust out any metal. The three sides all have rulers and the lid has an etched grid which makes it very easy to perfectly line up sentiments, especially long scripty sayings. A quick YouTube search will tell you there are an unlimited amount of techniques that can be achieved with this tool, but the most beneficial “technique” this tool offers is the ability to repeatedly stamp in the exact same positon, whether on the same panel to fix any mistakes or achieve darker or richer colors of ink or to stamp on a different panel each time for creating bulk cards, like at Christmas.


Again, stamp positioners are not a necessary tool in your craft room, but if you find yourself getting frustrated with stamping and you don’t find yourself relishing the mistakes and learning from them, you may want to look into investing in a stamp positioner. It can easily turn those frustrating moments into fun and rewarding ones.

If you are interested in either positioner I talked about today, they are both linked below. I will say that my link to the MISTI is most definitely not the cheapest place you can find, but I wanted to link to an actual picture. If you’re interested in purchasing the MISTI, make sure to purchase directly from My Sweet Petunia ‘s website and you can always check their Facebook Page for a coupon code, which they offer from time to time. Thanks so much for stopping by today!! Happy Crafting!

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