Multiplying Objects in Photoshop Elements

There are times when, like today, when I want to use just one certain part of a digital stamp scene and make a lot more of them to fill up my panel. That was the case today. I wanted more streamers in my scene than what are actually in the “Birthday Hippo” Digital stamp from Craftin’ Desert Divas. Now if your little scene comes in separate pieces this is easy enough to do, but I didn’t have that option, so I used my Lasso tool. Watch the video below to see how I used the lasso tool in Photoshop Elements to fill up my card panel today.


As usual, with my digital stamps, I started in Photoshop Elements with a new blank white panel that measure 4″ x 5.25″. Clicking on the file tab, then place, I found my “Birthday Hippo” digital stamp and after clicking OK, I dragged and dropped it into the bottom left hand corner. I also made the image a bit smaller and then duplicated that layer by right clicking it in the layers tab and choosing “Duplicate Layer”. On the left hand side of my screen in the tool, is the lasso tool, after clicking on it I chose one streamer that I wanted to duplicate and zoomed in on it. I clicked my mouse and held it down as I drew an outline around the streamer trying to stay as close to the black outline as possible. When I had finished and had little dancing lines around the streamer I right clicked on the dancing lines and chose “Layer via Copy”, then, using my arrow tool or arrows on my keyboard I moved it to where I wanted. I continued to do this with every style of streamer that was around the hippo (ie. a streamer with two loops, no loops, one loop, etc.). When I had duplicated each streamer and made it it’s own layer I could then right click on the streamer in the layers tab and duplicate the layer that way to fill up the entire panel. If you are having trouble following along with the wording, make sure to watch the video, it really is much more helpful!!


With my panel full of streamers I brought in my sentiment “Hippo Birthday” and placed it in the bottom right hand corner. A reminder here, nothing is permanent until you print in digital stamping. I deleted some streamers that were behind the sentiment so the sentiment would show up a bit better and then I flattened out my image by right clicking the background layer and choosing “Flatten Image” and finally I printed with my laser printer and trimmed out the panel using the crop marks and my paper trimmer. I chose to color in my image with colored pencils and blend everything with OMS and blending stumps.


When I was coloring my hand rubbed over my printed image quite a few times and also colored pencils tend to cover up some of the printed lines as well. In order to help those lines show up better and not look so faded I went over all of my images and the sentiment as well with a micron pen. My final step was to use fun foam and double sided adhesive to pop up the panel on an A2 top folding card base and go over my little hippo with a layer of clear Wink of Stella. I also added a few white dots with my white gel pen in the spaces of the hippo where the shading was the darkest, to add a bit of texture.


I am sure this is not the only way of going about multiplying an image in Photoshop Elements, however, it is the way I do it and until I find a more convenient way, will continue to do it. This technique allows me to really take a scene and have it fill up a certain area of space, without enlarging it more than I want to. I love finding ways to really stretch my digital stamps and find new ways to use them!

If you’re interested in any of the supplies I used on today’s card, you can find them all linked below! (Affiliate Links Used) Thanks so much for stopping by today! Happy Crafting!!

Birthday Hippo Digital Stamp – Craftin’ Desert Divas

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