Editing Photos

I have a bit of a different post for you today, talking about editing your photos. The majority of my photos are card photos, but I had some flowers, took some pictures and wanted to share with you exactly how I edit my photos, some fun editing features, and also show you some before and afters. The before and after photos are such a great way to really see exactly why it’s so important to take the extra step of editing you photos whether family pictures, cardmaking photos, or just random shots of nature. You can watch the video below and I will take you through my process in Photoshop Elements.

I am not going to have a write up today, but I am going to show you a few before and after photos. All of these first photos were edited in Photoshop Elements. If you want to watch the video above, it will give you more of a clear picture on how I actually edit these.

In this photo, after cropping, I adjusted the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness and did a bit of Haze Removal. I also added a Gaussian Blur to the photo and removed the blur from the flower so it would be the only object in focus.

You can watch the video to see all the adjustments I made to this photo.

On this particular photo after making the normal adjustments, I also added a vintage filter, noisy border and text. I also added a drop shadow to the text for a more 3D look.

On these four photos, I only made the normal adjustments I would on any photo. Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Cropping. Also, because these photos were taken on a more bright day I did Haze Removal and Sharpness to bring out the fine details.

These next few sets of photos are more “fun” edits. For this particular photo I duplicated the background and turned the duplicated layer to black and white. Then with the eraser tool, I only removed the black and white effect from the red flower.

I cropped this photo to edit out any of the surrounding flowers. I also upped the brightness, contract and saturation quite a lot. Finally, I really sharpened this photo to bring out the center of the flower.

I have to say, this is probably my favorite edit of the bunch. I did all of my “normal” editing, but I added a watercolor filter over the photo at the very end. Honestly, I want to have this made into a canvas for my dining room. LOL

For the next set of photos I am not going to show you a before and after, but each and everyone of these particular photos was edited on my Phone on the free Photoshop Elements app!

As you can see, you can beautifully edit your photos on a free app!! Also, all of these pictures were taken with my phone as well!!

Now all of my editing in the first set of pictures was done with Photoshop Elements, however, it’s not the cheapest program. There are many free photo editing programs that will get the job done, they’re just not quite as powerful. And if you’re looking for an even more powerful program you can always step up to Photoshop. You just need to make sure you choose the right program for you! Personally, I edit a lot of photos not only of cards, but also family photos and I also work a lot with digital stamps and make free printables for you all so Photoshop Elements was the right choice for me!

I have linked a digital download of Photoshop Elements below, this is at Amazon.com which has the cheapest price and it is an Affiliated link, however I WOULD NOT recommend this program unless I really enjoyed working with it, but you can try the program FREE for 30 days at the Adobe website! Also, if you’re not ready to spend the money on a photo editing program or just don’t want to take up the extra space on your computer, you can do a quick google search and will find a ton of online FREE photo editors.

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