Assembling the Craftin’ Desert Divas Truck Die Set

Craftin’ Desert Divas has released an amazing die set called the “Truck Dies”. (It also has a coordinating stamp set called Special Delivery if you’re interested!) The truck die set comes with an impressive 17 dies that cut 20 different pieces to assemble two trucks and a mail box! With all of these dies and pieces it can get a bit confusing so I have put together a few diagrams along with a video tutorial on assembling these trucks and the mailbox. I hope you all find this helpful and if you want to see how I incorporate my final trucks into a card you can head HERE to see the finished card!



A look at all the dies included in the set. You can see I have separated each of mine, but if you are afraid of losing some of the smaller pieces you can keep a few of the smaller dies connected. I have included each of the dies needed to make the two trucks in their “rectangles” as well as the dies used to make the mail box in it’s “rectangle”. A few of the dies in the center rectangle (the steering wheel & lights) will be used in both trucks.


Here is a diagram of the first forward facing truck. Follow the arrows from the die to their respective die cut in the photo. Remember, you can always change colors of each die cut to make the truck your own!


The side facing truck is very easy to put together. Remember when die cutting to die cut two of the “wheel” pieces. Also, the die with the two small rectangle will also be used for the mailbox. The largest rectangle is used as the reflective light on the back of the truck, but the smaller rectangle will be used for the mailbox. This side facing truck can be turned into a number of different things. I highly suggest checking out the DT’s creations with it!


And finally, the mailbox. I did not include the “letter” die in this photo, however, you can see in the photo that the mail box is cut with a slit so you can tuck a few of the letters into the opening for a more realistic look! Also, this mail box and the letters can be cut from any type of cardstock to really personalize it for the recipient!


A look at all of the finished and assembled die cuts. Remember, that you can customize these trucks and the mailbox to suit you and your card style. Again, I would really suggest going over to the Craftin’ Desert Divas Facebook Group or the Design Team Page and checking out all the different ways the DT has used this die set! I’ve seen shakers, shaped shaker tags, combining it with different die sets, turning it into an ice cream truck by using another new stamp set, and also using the coordinating stamp set! The possibilities are really quite endless!

I hope you all found these diagrams and the video tutorial helpful! If you want to see how I used these die cuts on a few cards head HERE to check out that video tutorial! Here’s a peek at how they turned out!

Finished Card 4

If you are interested in the die set, I’ve linked it below!(Links will be available when the release goes live!)(Affiliate Links are used at no additional cost to you!) Thanks so much for stopping by today! Happy Crafting!!



 Die Snips

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