Deal With It – Sequins

Hello All! I am back today with another Deal With It video. Today I’m sharing with you how I deal with my staticky sequins.  Sequins have become a  major part of cardmaking, whether it be for shaker cards, embellishments, etc. and I for one absolutely love them. They add so much shine and color without a lot of added bulk. But I do get frustrated when my sequins get staticky. Not only do they stick to EVERYTHING, they fly around as well and I feel like I lose a lot of them. This normally happens more often in the winter, when everything seems to be dry and so cold around where I live and if the sequins or the mix has flat sequins in it. So today I am going to share a quick “Deal With It” video on how to fix those staticky sequins!!


I hope you all found this video helpful! I will be back again soon with another card making video!! In the meantime, you can find the very limited supply list below. (Affiliate links may be used at no additional cost to you.) Thank you so much for stopping by today!! Happy Crafting!!

15965062_10207885573726434_8004291772100749184_nInspired by Stamping Valentine’s Day Sequins

I2578933IT0L__19531Anti-Static Tool


Ek Success Powder Tool

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