Deal With It: Smudges

I am back today with another Deal With It video for you! If you haven’t seen any of the other videos, this video series is a look into different ways I deal with some of my crafty dilemmas. These videos are extremely short, and normally I would tuck these tips into longer videos, but I found that they would be lost among all the other techniques and information. So today’s Deal With It, I have covered many times, but I wanted a specific video for it and that is Smudges! You can watch the video tutorial below to see exactly how I go about fixing all my smudging mistakes!


I don’t know how many cards, panels and projects I tossed or simply didn’t send out because I would smudge it up. And it never failed it would be a project or card that was almost finished! This simple fix has saved me so much time and money and I hope you all found it helpful as well!

I do have a very limited supply list below for you, however you more than likely have these supplies on hand already! (Affiliate links may be used at no additional cost to you!) Thanks so much for stopping by today! Happy Crafting!!

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