Deal With It: Used Masks

Hi Everyone! And welcome to another Deal With It video tutorial. These tutorials are VERY short and are little tips and tricks I use often and have tucked away into quite a few videos. I wanted to share them all with you in their own tiny videos to have a way to find them all with a few simple clicks! Today’s Deal With It topic, I have covered so many times already, but don’t have a dedicated video and that is what I do with my masks once I’ve used them. As you may know I LOVE to mask my stamps for Distress Ink blending, creating complicated scenes, and a variety of other reasons. The majority of the time I make my masks from Inkadinkado masking paper, which is you’re not careful, can add pretty quickly. However, a mask made from this paper will last for quite a few stampings without losing any of it’s stickiness if you use your tweezers when handling it and don’t get a ton of glitter, dust or powder on the back so I like to save them and reuse them over and over again. You can watch the video tutorial below to see how I store them once they’re used and also unused to keep everything at my fingertips and organized!


I hope you all enjoyed today’s very short Deal With It video and found it useful in your crafting! If you are interest in the stamp set or masking paper shown in this video, I have linked them both below. (Affiliate links used at no additional cost to you) Thank you so much for stopping by today and spending a little time with me today! Until next time Happy Crafting!!


Happy Camper Stamp Set


Inkadinkado Masking Paper

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