Making a Slider Card

As the summer winds down and my kiddos (both this year) head to school, I am slowly getting back into the crafting groove! If you are a parent, you know how busy the summer time can be! I always think that things are going to slow down and we will get some time to be laid back, but that never happens!! So during this lull in sports and with all of out school registrations and shopping done, I am back in my craft room and cranking out the projects! I am also getting through a backlog of videos that have just been waiting for me to edit and upload! I have one of those videos for you today. This video was made MONTHS ago, but I only found the time to upload it about a week or two ago. For that reason, I am not going to give you a run down of how I made this card, because to be honest, I don’t really remember LOL!! Be sure and watch the video tutorial for all of the details on how I put this fun slider card together!!


I have been dying to use this set and I hate to admit that it sat on my shelf untouched for quite some time. When I finally got to pull it out went for a very simple design, and at the time I was just getting used to coloring with my chalks. If you don’t know how to use the chalks or pan pastels, I have a few tutorials on how I color with them HERE and HERE.

Finished Card 1

Once you get the hand of putting slider cards together, they are really very simple. You just need to make sure you get your sandwhich right and have no sticky glue keeping your image from sliding. I like to add a bit of my embossing bag powder around glue spots to make sure I have absolutely no chance of any stickiness. Also, be sure and give your slider element a bit of wiggling and test it out a few times before you give it to the recipient.

Finished Card 3

I did use the Lawn Fawn Slider Dies for this card, but there are so many companies that have these elements, search your stash first, they may be hidden in a die set you already own! You can also make your own slider track, but I find the dies to be a bit more handy and easy to quickly get the slider done.

Finished Card 2

I had such a fun time coloring up this stamped image and putting together the interactive slider on this card. And like I said, if you hear anything funky, like cold weather or something is a bit off in the video, this was recorded and put together many months ago!!! All the major supplies that I used on my card today are listed and linked below (Affiliate links are used). Thank you all so very much for stopping by today and spending a bit of time with me! Until next time, Happy Crafting!!

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