Tinting Jars

I have something a bit different to share with you all today! Quite often, I take on different crafts and DIY projects, like so many of us crafters, and today I actually recorded the process and wanted to share the video tutorial with you all! So the back story first. My husband has quite the collection of pocket knives. He is a signalman on the railroad and before that he was a conductor/engineer so knives are in his line of work, not to mention hobbies, and he amassed a  considerable pile LOL! I can’t really complain, because I has amassed quite a crafting collection!! Anyway, I needed a place to store them on a higher shelf, but I still wanted it to look pretty and fit in with my decor, so I thought a vintage glass jar would look nice. However, they are heavy and metal, and if they do by chance end of breaking their storage container, I didn’t want to be out a lot of money. So I pulled out a jar that I had saved back and my Mod Podge and got to work!! Watch the full video tutorial below for all the details!!


 Here’s a printable as well, just in case you want to print out the instructions and take them with you wherever you craft!!

Downloadable PDF Instructions

Thank you all so very much for stopping in today!! Until next time, Happy Crafting!!

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