There For You

Today Craftin Desert Divas is introducing a brand new stamp set into the shop with a very special meaning. The There For You Stamp Set was made to help bring awareness to the theft of intellectual property. I know many people have differing opinions on this, but there is a major problem happening with many overseas companies stealing small stamp companies stamp and die designs. They then sell these products at such low prices, there is no way the stamp companies can compete. And while I know that the incredibly low price point is so tempting, I don’t think many people understand WHY these companies charge the prices they do.

While the manufacturers overseas are able to steal these companies artwork and pay such a  low price for the manufacturing process, the small business owners actually pay their graphic designers to design original artwork and innovative die sets to add into their shops. They also have to provide their design teams with the products to showcase and pay for shipping to said designers. Also, many of these small business have their stamps and dies manufactured in the USA which ensures you are purchasing a high quality product. And that isn’t even beginning to highlight all of the expenses these small business have.

Another argument I often see is that these small businesses should hire an attorney and fight these companies. That argument just isn’t realistic. Many small business are run out the owner’s home and they are their only employee. While you may THINK that these companies have more than enough to hire an attorney, the majority of the money made from their business is put back into their businesses in order to grow and they just can’t afford the legal fees that this type of fight would require.

I think that the most often used argument however, is that some people can’t afford to buy all of these items from the real companies designing them. And to that I say NEITHER CAN I. No one can afford everything and realistically, no one should buy it all. I am a SAHM with two young children and bills, my wants just don’t come first. Instead, I choose to purchase fewer items that I know I will love and use often. Instead of impulse shopping and buying all of the new products all the time, I selectively purchase stamps and dies that I can  use at least five different ways – that’s just my rule. And while yes, it’s fun to look at other’s stampers hauls and packed to the ceiling craft rooms and say “Wouldn’t that be awesome”, realistically NO ONE CAN USE IT ALL.

So while no one but you can decide how you spend your money, I do want to make one last point. While I understand the price of the these “off brand” stamps & dies is soo incredibly tempting and I too want to be able to afford ALL of the things, I know that if we all decide to start buying these lower priced items that were blatantly stolen, sooner or later (probably sooner) those small business we all know and love WILL start to disappear. Then what? Who will be making new stamp designs and designing new and innovative dies for us to use?

These small stamp and die companies are started and owned by stampers themselves. The majority of these owners started as scrapbookers, cardmakers, planner girls, party planners, designers, etc. themselves. They KNOW and keep up with the latest trends and listen as we make our requests for certain types of dies and stamp ideas. THEY CARE ABOUT THIS INDUSTRY AND LOVE THEIR CUSTOMERS. That just isn’t something you’re going to get anywhere else.

With all of that being said, only you can decide how you spend your hard earned money, I just wanted to give you my opinion. And with that I also have a video tutorial for you for sticking with me that long!!

Also, here are a few finished photos of the card I made for this very special event!!

Finished Card 4 Finished Card 1

If you are interested in this new set, you can find it at the link below, along with the other CDD products I used on my card for today. Thanks for stopping by today and Happy Crafting everyone!!


There For You Stamp Set


Sorted Shapes 1 Stencil


Stitched In Circle Dies


Building Dies


Flag Banner Dies

2 thoughts on “There For You

  1. I agree, I respect the small businesses and do my frugal purchasing through them as I too cannot afford to have it all. Would like a video by you on how you make your selections, I have certainly made some costly mistakes.


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