Arteza Real Brush Pens Review

Reviews are something I don’t do often on my blog or YouTube Channel. I honestly do not like tearing something apart if I don’t like it, so I try and stay away from reviews. However, I was recently contacted by Arteza and asked if I would like to review a few of their products. I JUMPED at the chance to try out their real brush pens. To be completely honest, I planned on purchasing these on my own so I was more than happy to try them out and share what I thought, since I planned on it anyway! I was also sent their watercolor paper and water brushes, which can both be used with the real brush pens to really reach their full potential. You can watch the full video down below to find out more information about these Arteza Real Brush Pens.

I go more into depth in the video above, and I’m also sharing a few techniques you can use these markers for, so be sure to watch. I do want to go over a few points here on my blog though: These are real brush pens, which means they do have a real brush tip. These markers are comparable to the Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens, not Distress Markers, Marvy markers, or other watercolor felt brush tips. Here’s run down of the actual markers and a closer look at the brush tip.

One new feature they have added to the brushes is adding color names and numbers to each marker for easier identification. This is especially helpful for video makers or if you just want to recreate something you or someone else has already done.

Brush Break Down

Again, these markers have a real brush as their tip – just as the name says. You can see closer in the photos you can achieve many different types and widths of strokes with this tip. It can be used in fine lines and precise coloring or you can give more pressure for wider lines and a more brush like stroke. Also, in the photo below, I am pressing the tip onto the Arteza Watercolor Paper. These paper pads come with 32 sheets of 140 lb. 9″ x 12″  paper. The paper itself has a smooth side and a canvas texture side, which is shown in the photo below. Each pack has two pads of paper for a full 64 sheets of paper and retails for around $16.

Brush Tip Separated

I am using the 24 pack of markers and while this set worked for me, I would honestly suggest buying at least the 48 pack. While you can get coloring and some beautiful shading done with this set, if you are not good at mixing colors (like me) then your options are pretty minimal with this set. If you can mix colors and have great luck with that, then I think this set would be enough. These markers come in plastic trays, snapped into place so they do  not move around while shipping. Those trays and markers are then put into a plastic carton. You can choose to store your markers in the packaging they come in or not, but it is recommended to store your markers vertically with the tips facing up.

Packaging 1 Packaging 2

Cost Breakdown

These markers can be purchased in two different places, both the Arteza online shop and Amazon. Here are the prices and cost breakdown of all the sets.

So pros and cons, because that’s what it’s all about right. I compiled a list and honestly, I would recommend these markers. I found them easy to use – however, there is a slight learning curve. There are so many techniques you can also use them for and they’re great for their portability and quick coloring capabilities. Finally, they are cheaper than the other options that are on the marker.

 Pros & Sons

My one con and complaint is that, as of now, these markers are not sold individually. Being able to buy individual markers to fill in any that I will use more often and run out of ink faster would be an amazing option, but it just isn’t available right now.

One thing I will say though, is that this company – Arteza – does LISTEN to their customer complaints and has some amazing customer service. So it wouldn’t surprise me if they soon started selling individual markers. When they first released these markers the largest complaint I seen was that there was no identifying names or numbers for the markers to make swatch sheets or for video makers like myself. They listened to those concerns and have now added names and numbers for easy color identification. Also, as I was looking through reviews on Amazon and their website for my own review (just to hear some user complaints and see if I found any of the same problems) I noticed that the company responded to and offered to refund any and all customers that weren’t satisfied with their products – that impressed me!

Water Bushes in Package

I was also sent this six pack of water brushes to use along with the Arteza Real Brush Pens. This six pack of brushes includes 3 sizes or flat brush tips and 3 sizes of fine brush tips. Each brush can hold 7 mL of water. These brushes are super easy to fill and use and I love all of the brush tips and options you get in one pack! These are great for portable watercolor, whether you use them with the Arteza Real Brush Pens or just regular watercolor. They retail for around $9.

All Brushes

I wanted to share a few finished pieces that I colored with these markers and also a stamped image where I actually used the markers to ink of the stamps and then stamp down! Like I said these markers have a ton of different techniques you can use them with, so be sure to watch the video above for all the ideas I include.

Finished Flowers

This was the first entire image I colored with the Arteza Real Brush Pens. I used the Arteza watercolor paper, stamped my image and used only the markers to color and blend. Be sure and use a waterproof ink so your markers don’t smear the stamped image. Also, you MUST use either watercolor paper or Bristol smooth. These markers will not work on regular cardstock.

Ink on Stamps

This was made with solid stamps where I used the markers to directly color on the stamps and then spritzed with a bit of water. This is a really fun and easy technique to make quick cards and get the most out of your solid stamps. Again, you must use the correct paper to make these markers and this technique work! I can’t stress that enough!!

Finished 1

Finally, I wanted to share two different looks you can get when coloring with these markers. In the top card, I used one real brush pen to lay down my color and then the Arteza water brush pens to blend out the color. On the bottom card, I only used the real brush pens to do all of the shading and blending for a more opaque color and also vibrant. They’re both beautiful looks and it’s awesome to be able to get both a watercolor look and a more vibrant look with only one product! (I will have another video shortly on how I made these cards – so stay tuned!!)

Thank you so much for stopping by today and if you are interested in any of the Arteza products you can find them all on the Arteza website. You can find that HERE!! Happy Crafting Everyone!!


13 thoughts on “Arteza Real Brush Pens Review

  1. Awesome review Lindsay. I have the 48 pack that does not have names or numbers. Sure would be easier if they did 😦 I’ve thought about the pencils or fine line pens, will have to wait a bit for that.


    1. The one thing I have found that I do not like is they smear and bleed easily. How do you deal the color once dry so the colors will not bleed or run? Sharon


      1. I don’t seal mine since they’re just on cards, however, if you are having trouble with them running try using a matte spray sealant and a VERY light spray should do the trick. I have also heard of people using hairspray to seal other mediums on their cards, so you could also try that but again, a very light hand since anything wet or too much moisture added would cause bleeding. Also, be sure you’re using the correct paper with these. Watercolor paper, Mixed Media, and I sometimes (not very often) use regular cardstock with these. Anything with a coating or slick surface won’t allow the color to absorb or ever dry. That could also be why they’re smearing, because once they absorb into the paper they shouldn’t budge unless you saturate the paper with liquid.
        I hope that helps!!


  2. Am really disappointed in the “water” brush….took it apart one time and then cannot get it screwed back together….not very happy!!


    1. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’ve taken mine apart several times to refill and haven’t had any problems. Arteza does have very good customer service, so be sure to reach out to them and let them know your issues and I’m sure they will either replace your brushes or refund your money.Here’s a link to their contact page where you can find their phone number as well as their email address –


      1. Thank you so much for sending this information along; I contacted them and they are sending me replacement brushes!! Your help is greatly appreciated…..Kathy


      2. I’m an independent blogger, it’s just me who runs this little blog and YouTube Channel. They (Arteza) did send me those brushes, the real brush markers, and watercolor paper so I could review them, but other than that I’m not associated or have any contact with them. I am also on stamp, stencil and ink design teams, but that’s it. If you head to my About Me tab you can always find who I am “designing” for at any given time!


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