$6 & Under Stamp Sets – Michael’s Embossing Folder & Stamp

If you missed my last installment in this new series and the thought behind it, head HERE to check out my previous video tutorial making an entire card with just a $6 (or under) stamp set. Today, I will be using not only a stamp, but an embossing folder as well, that I picked up at Michael’s for just $2!!! This product is seasonal and may vary from store to store, but this design can be translated to the other options they have available. Watch the full video tutorial below to see how I made this entire card with this embossing folder & stamp set below!

One big tip that I include in this video is to play around with the sandwich with this embossing folder, and really any you may have. If your machine gives too much pressure, like mine did, and cracks your paper, try removing layers and playing around with a smaller sandwich. If your machine doesn’t give enough pressure and the embossing is patchy, try adding thin shims. And shimming may be a selective process, where only half of your sandwich needs a shim and the other is just fine. As die cutting machines age and are continually used, they can lose pressure and also become “patchy” in their pressure. Figuring out what works best for you and spending those few extra minutes is so worth the end result!

This embossing folder is gorgeous just run through your machine and left as is. But with folders like this and any with individual images, it is so easy to add a little color to each image and make the embossing the focal point of your card. I chose to use my Distress Inks in pastel colors, but any ink that does well with blending will work here. Creating masks with an embossing folder is super easy too, so don’t be intimidated! Watch the video tutorial above to see a few tips and tricks to get the best results and getting rid of all the ink off your folder when you’re done!

This folder, and the other that Michael’s has to choose from, also include a single stamp. The majority of the time these stamps are not the best and don’t provide great results. There are a few ways to get them to stamp better, and I have a video tutorial on three different ways to prep your stamps HERE. Another thing to use, if your stamp still isn’t stamping better, use a stamp positioner. I didn’t in this video, because prepping actually worked really well for me, but it is an option if you have a particularly stubborn stamp.

I know I say this an awful lot, but I am in LOVE with the way this card turned out. And I still can’t believe I did it with just a $2 embossing folder and stamp set that I picked up at a big box store! I also picked up the ice cream set and I’m thinking I will need to go back and also grab the cactus and make sure there aren’t anymore options available now! Like I said before though, these appear to be seasonal items so products may vary store to store and I’m not sure they will restock these products if they run out, but a phone call to your local store should tell you in they are available in your area.

Happy Crafting Everyone!!

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