Deal With It – MISTI Stickers

I have had my Original MISTI for a very long while now and it is by far one of my most used and loved tools in my craft room. I use it on almost every single card I make, unless I make a point not to. It has become such a habit for me to use this tool in order to get a great stamped image that I just automatically reach for it. My MISTI has also saved me soo much money in cardstock and watercolor paper it has more than likely already paid for itself! Because it is one of my most used tools it has taken a beating. The rulers/stickers have ink spots and to be completely honest, I am ready for a change from pink. I have a three year old girl and pink has somehow managed to creep into every other part of our lives – baking, toys, clothes, shoes, hair accessories, paint colors, etc. etc. etc. – I am ready to see a different color! So today I am sharing a few tips and tricks on applying your new stickers to the MISTI! You can watch the full video tutorial down below!!

So now my MISTI, which I’ve been using for years now, has a brand new look and literally looks new as well! All it took was a set of $4 stickers!! If you are interested in any of the products seen in today’s video, you will find them linked below! Happy Crafting Everyone!!

**Some Affiliate Are Used**

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