Using Tissue Paper in Bible & Printing on Tissue

I love to Bible Journal and it does mean a  lot to me. It’s so much different from my cardmaking. My cards, while I love making them, I honestly do not care if someone keeps the cards I make them or tosses them out – they can even do it right in front of me and it won’t bother me. I had the joy of making it and giving it, and perhaps that’s a bit selfish, but I got my fun out of it! However, with my Bible, I plan on keeping it and often go back and study and look at my older pages and because of that, I enjoy adding other things to my Bible that mean a lot to me. For one, my Mother was an amazing pianist and organist in our very small church. Because she played every service and also directed the choir, music was constantly a part of our lives – particularly old hymns, Gaither vocal band songs, etc. and so adding those songs into my Bible is something that I wanted to be able to do. There were just a few problems, I do not like my own handwriting (I just don’t have the patience to be a hand letterer) and writing out music can be pretty difficult. I needed a way to be print out old hymnal pages and basically glue them into my Bible. I knew paper and cardstock were both too thick, so I turned to tissue paper and figured out how to print on it and now I am hooked with adding it into my Bible! You can watch the full video tutorial down below to see exactly how I did it!!

I hope you all enjoyed this video tutorial and can tailor it to your own needs. This technique can be used in art journaling, card making, etc. It really is limitless! I have linked a few supplies down below, if you are interested in the supplies I used or need a little help identifying them! Thanks for stopping by today and until next time, Happy Crafting!!

**These products CAN be bought at any Hobby Lobby or Michaels, but if you are an online shopper here are some links to help you out!!**Affiliate Links Used at NO Additional Cost To You**

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