Making a Sign with The Crafters Workshop Stencils

Today I have a different project for you. Not only do I love cardmaking and stamping, but I love doing other crafts as well. (I’m one of those annoying people who can’t just sit and do ONE thing, I need to be multi tasking!!) One of my very favorite things to do is create wooden crafts/home decor items – and yes I use the saws and drills and sanders and all of those other tools! Today’s project is totally beginner friendly, though, I promise! No tools needed!! If you want to see just how EASY creating a DIY Rustic Sign with the new stencil line from The Crafter’s Workshop, watch the video tutorial down below!!

As promised you don’t need any tools for this project. Full disclosure – I DID use tools, but it is not necessary. The majority of the time home improvement stores have bargain bins or scrap piles of wood you can buy. These are smaller pieces of wood of all sizes that are SUPER cheap – I’m talking like $0.35 for this piece and they are the perfect size for DIY signs! Also, I used a drill bit to put two small holes for my wire hanger. This can easily be avoided by either using a picture hanger on the back or just having a sitting sign.

Finished 1.jpg

A few other tips in making this sign. If you decide to stain your wood beforehand, be sure to let it dry at the very least overnight. Having the stain even a bit wet can change the color of your acrylic paint, especially white and lighter colors, and tint it. Also, if you choose to seal your sign once it is completely finished and dry, be sure to use a clear sealer. Some can have a yellowish tinge and once it’s on there it can’t be removed.

Finished 3.jpg

I hope you will give this home decor project a try and be sure to check out the entire new line of DIY Rustic Stencils from The Crafter’s Workshop! I promise, once you see them, you’re going to want them all! I know I already have my next sign planned out!!

If you are interested in the supplies I used today, you will find them all linked below!! Happy Crafting Everyone!!

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