Catherine Pooler Inks & Coloring Mediums

I have a confession – I have added yet another black ink pad to my ever growing collection. It’s a problem, I know. I added the Midnight Ink from Catherine Pooler, and this ink is a great one! And while I keep adding these black ink pads I though it would be beneficial for you all to share what coloring mediums this ink pad will work with. So if you’re in the marker for a black ink, maybe this one has the features that fit with your crafty needs! You can watch the video down below for all the details!

I hope you all enjoyed a look at the Midnight Ink from Catherine Pooler and what coloring mediums it plays well with! I do have to mention one factor with this ink. IT WILL STAIN YOUR STAMPS!!! None of the other Catherine Pooler Inks really stain my stamps, but this ink pad does. I don’t mind it – the stamps still work perfectly fine, but just be aware! If you are interested in the Midnight ink pad, I have left a link down below! Happy Crafting!!

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