A Checkerboard Christmas Sign

Hi Everyone!! I have a very fun and different Christmas project to share with you today. I’m trying to switch it up a bit with this project and share a little more home decor/easy sign with today’s video tutorial. I do want to say that my checkerboard background on this sign is pretty involved, but you could always just make a super simple sign with the new Merry Christmas Stencil from the Crafter’s Workshop and it would be just as beautiful! Also, this would be an AMAZING and cheap gift to make multiples of if you keep the background simple! You can watch the video tutorial down below for all the details on my project today!!

**Some products were sent to me from The Crafter’s Workshop as part of the Design Team Agreement. I only design for companies that I stand behind 100%!!**

For the full details I would highly suggest watching the video tutorial above. This is one of those techniques where it is much easier to show than write about! I do want to mention a few things though. I am working on MDF board for this project. This board is much smoother and has no texture that it leaves behind, whereas if you were to try and do this on wood it would. Also, MDF board doesn’t soak up any of the paint, so less layers are required.

Finished Sign 1.jpg

Another tip – This sign takes ALOT of layers of paint. While I love Heavy Body Acrylics, this really isn’t the technique or sign you want to use them on. I like to use the really cheap acrylic paints that you can buy at your local craft store for this technique! Also, to speed up dry time in between the layers of paint, I used my hair dryer. I started with my heat gun, but it got MUCH too hot about three layers in. I would suggest using your hair dryer if you’re impatient like me!

Finished Sign 3.jpg

Finally, after spending so much time and energy on the background, I did not want to screw up the stenciling. I really wanted to be able to apply only one layer of product and get a nice opaque finish so I used the Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste. This stuff is AMAZING!! It is nice and thick so it goes through the stencil easily and leaves crisp lines. But it also has some nice dimension and the opacity is something you just can’t get with one layer of paint!

Finished Sign 4.jpg

I hope you all enjoyed today’s project! And if you are interested in any of the supplies I used today, you will find them all linked down below! Happy Crafting Everyone!!

**Affiliate Links Are Used at No Additional Cost To You**

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