Transferring Photos to Canvas – A DIY Gift

Today’s video is a bit different. Instead of sharing a card idea, I have an easy DIY home decor piece or gift you could give to share instead. One of my favorite ways to show off photos in my house is to transfer them onto canvas. But if you send them off to have them done, they can start to really add up! So I wanted to share an easy to do it yourself! If you want to learn how to transfer your own photos onto canvas, you can watch the full tutorial down below!

Making these canvas photos is super simple but there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind. The first is to use a laser printer MIRROR image. If you don’t have a laser printer, you can take your photos to your local office supply store. Copy it onto plain computer paper, not photo paper. Also, be sure you’re using a mirror image, especially if there is any writing in your picture. The image will be reversed when you transfer it, so you want to make sure it looks right when all is said and done.

For my canvas photos I like to use matte gel medium, however, you can use gloss as well. It will work just as well, but you’ll be left with a glossy finish instead of matte. This is more of a personal preference, and what you like and want on your finished project!

Finally, I happen to like the more distressed look to my canvas, but if you want to avoid that, switch from a washcloth of cloth for buffing to a sponge. This will take a little bit more time, but it won’t be so rough on the canvas.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s tutorial! I always love making these and have already made a few for gifts this year! If you are curious about any of the supplies, or want to make these canvas photos yourself, you will find all of the links down below! Until next time, Happy Crafting!!

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5 thoughts on “Transferring Photos to Canvas – A DIY Gift

  1. I have a very old photo viewing scene made out of wood, I cannot remember the name of this. I have civil war pictures. You hold them up to your eye and then there is a stick you can move back & ppforth to view the picture. You then can take the picture off and add a new one. Vewing brcome 3D.I would like to add pictures of my family and build a new one, Can you help


  2. What kind of paper you used to transfer the photo into the canvas? Do you use regular photo paper or use regular paper


  3. Hi Lindsay – I have a graphic with writing and some color. Will the color transfer if I try this process? Thanks for all your help!


    1. As long as you print with a laser printer/toner printed or copied image, it should work. It may not be as crisp of lettering though, so keep that in mind. Also, any writing will need to be printed in mirror image form so it won’t be backwards when you transfer it!


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