DIY Christmas Decor – Stenciled Snowman Canvas

I am so excited to share my project with you today! I have never made a stenciled canvas and really haven’t done much with canvas other than transferring photos to be honest. But I could not be happier with the way my Snowman Canvas turned out and it’s all thanks to The Crafter’s Workshop’s stencils and products! If you want to see all the details, be sure to watch the video tutorial down below!

While this project is simple and the entire process is given in the video tutorial above, I do have a few tips and tricks to share with you that helped me out along the way! The first is prep your surface/canvas. I used white gesso from The Crafter’s Workshop. This is just a great beginning step that gives you a nice and even surface to work on. It also helps the paint sit on top of the canvas and not soak in, which enables you to use less layers of paint in the long run! You can also use the same gesso (or white acrylic paint) to clean up any mistakes or paint that gets under the stencil!

An easy DIY Christmas Decor project! I stenciled the Mr. Snowman Stencil from the Crafter's Workshop onto an 8x10 Canvas!

Another great tip is to take your time. Allow the paint some time to dry before you start working with the modeling paste and try not to work on painting sections close to each other while the other is still wet. This is going to give you a cleaner look without any weird mixing of colors or pastes. To apply my paint, I used make-up sponges that I cut to make them fit the size I needed and for the Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste I used a small palette knife. If the palette knife still couldn’t get into some tight spaces, I just used my finger!

Fixing mistakes is easy! Just use a bit of white paint or gesso to cover up the area! I like to use a small brush and multiple thin and even layers if needed!

Because the background was such a nice and bright white, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to make the snow from the stenciled areas stand out. What I decided to do was first use Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste for some dimension and shadow. Then to take it one step further I added a dollop of Shimmery Goodness. If shimmer isn’t your thing an you want the snow to stand out even more, you can always add just a tiny bit of blue to the modeling paste to slightly alter the color!

A closer look at the dimension and shimmer from the Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste mixed with a bit of Shimmery Goodness!

I just LOVE the way this canvas came together! It only took me a few hours (with dry time) and could easily be made for gifts! If you are interested in any of the supplies I used today, you can find them all linked down below. Happy Crafting!!

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