Deal With It: Cleaning Acrylic Blocks

One of my most used tools in my craft room are my acrylic blocks. I use them on just about every card and not just for stamping with my clear stamps. They’re great as weights when gluing die cuts together, mini palettes, ink smooshing, etc, etc, etc. Because I use them so often, they obviously get very dirty, gummy, and after awhile you just allow stamps to cling to them as well as they should. That’s when you know it’s time for a good cleaning. I don’t do this often, maybe once a month if I’m crafting every day and there are other times they don’t need cleaned for a few months. A little disclaimer, I use alcohol to clean my acrylic blocks. Some people say you shouldn’t because it can cause hazing. So far, in the ten years I’ve been stamping, I haven’t had that happen, but do this at your own risk. If you want to see how I clean my acrylic blocks, you can watch the quick video down below!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s mini tutorial! Happy Crafting!!

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