$10 Blending Brushes – Amazon Make-Up Brushes for Ink Blending

Oval blending brushes for make-up application have been around for a very long time, but they’re making a move into the crafty community now, too!! And while some sets of these brushes are “specifically designed for ink application” I couldn’t pass up the $10 set from Amazon that are, quite literally, identical to the higher priced set. The set I picked up came in a set of ten, again all of the heads, brush shape, and handles are identical to the higher end brushes, and they were under $10!! I wanted to test them out and really give them quite a workout before I formed my full opinion and you can watch that entire process in the video review down below, or just keep reading!

 Let’s start by taking a closer look at this brush set. It came in a set of 10 brushes – 5 Oval, 3 longer thinner brushes heads, and 2 round heads. the handles are plastic, quite flexible and comfortable in my hand.

All Brushes.jpg

I was super impressed by how soft these brushes were! I expected a rougher and less dense surface, since the price point was so low, but I was pleasantly surprised. And they are super easy to clean! What I do is spot clean between each inking. First, I rub the brush onto a scrap piece of paper until no color is coming off and if it needs a little more help to remove the color, I spritz a towel with water and rub the brush to remove any remaining ink. For a deeper clean I like to clean my brushes with baby shampoo and warm water, but I don’t do this as often as just spot cleaning!


With cheaper make-up brushes, I have found, you almost always experience some shedding. But with these I haven’t had any shedding at all! The bristles do stain, but that’s normal and it doesn’t affect their performance. To see how well these brushes perform with ink blending, watch the video above!

Oval Brushes 2.jpg

I hope you all enjoyed a closer look and review of these $10 Amazon Make-up brushes for ink blending! I’ve been using them so much lately and absolutely loving the results! If you are interested in any of the products I used today, you can find them all linked down below! Happy Crafting!!

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5 thoughts on “$10 Blending Brushes – Amazon Make-Up Brushes for Ink Blending

  1. I just saw your YT video on these brushes. Thank you SO much for sharing this info. I’ve been wanting to buy these but couldn’t afford $50 on my budget. I’ve even stopped buying some much wanted stamps so these much more affordable brushes will help me use my existing stamps stash in new ways. Thanks to you I have a great new way to start the year.


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