Using Rinea Foil Paper and Ghost Ink – Tips & Tricks

Foiling is such a fun technique, but it does require a bit of an investment if it’s not something you want to do a lot of. But luckily there is Rinea Foil Paper! This foil paper is super shiny, comes in great colors, and is moldable. It’s a lot of fun to play around with! There is also Rinea Ghost Ink, which reacts with the foil paper and opens up so many more fun techniques you can play around with! But the Ghost Ink can be a little tricky to work with, so in today’s video I want to share some tips and tricks that I use to get the best results possible! Watch the video below for all the details!!

This is a very CAS card and is super easy to make! I started by stamping both the outline and solid shamrock from Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps with the Ghost Ink onto a bright green foil paper. To get the best outcome I like to let my ink sit for about 30 seconds so the paper can really start to react and the ink can pull up all of the color. Then it was time to wipe the ink off. While the directions say to wipe with a dry cloth or water, I like to use a bit of alcohol. I spritz the paper VERY LIGHTLY with alcohol, which will help to reactivate any ink that has dried and then it can easily be wiped away!

Rinea Foil Paper with a Shamrock Background made with Ghost Ink!

I wanted to keep the main focus on the background, so I kept the sentiment very simple. I stamped the Happy St. Patrick’s Day sentiment with a green dye ink and matted the sentiment panel with a bit of gold foil paper from Rinea! Be sure to use a strong adhesive when securing down your foil. It is a non porous surface, so it can be a bit tricky. I like to use a paper tape adhesive, which I buy from Amazon pretty cheaply!! It’s listed in the supply list below!

Happy St. Patricks Day sentiment matted with Rinea Foil Paper in gold.

I wanted to pull a bit of the outside of the card to the inside for a nice finished look. I stamped a longer sentiment from Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps in the same green dye ink and added a few gold shamrocks around it. It was that simple!!

Inside of Card - a longer sentiment and gold shamrocks complete the card!

If you still haven’t seen enough inspiration with Rinea Foil Paper and Ghost Ink here are a few more video tutorials you can head to next!!

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I hope you all enjoyed the video tutorial today and found the tips and tricks helpful! Rinea Foil paper and Ghost Ink are a lot of fun to use, but can be a bit tricky. If you are interested in any of the supplies I used today, you can find them all linked down below. Until next time, Happy Crafting!!

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