Ink Blowing with Imagine All Purpose Inks

All purpose inks are a lot of fun to play with. You can use it on multiple surface, including fabric, but there are also many technique to use it for. Here’s a little bit more information from the Imagine website that will give a few ideas on using this fun product!

  • Washable, permanent, blendable craft ink
  • Can be painted, airbrushed, stenciled or used as a dye
  • Maintains the soft hand of fabric and is permanent when heat-set
  • Available in a wide range of colors including six metallic colors
  • Water-based; archival and acid free

And here’s a video with a little more information and a few fun techniques, too!

Today I am sharing a fun new technique using the All Purpose Inks. I was inspired by a video I seen on Instagram of watercolor ink blowing, but I wanted to find a product that would have a more pigmented result. The All Purpose Inks were exactly the product I was looking for! They are so concentrated with color, flow easily with or without water and retain very vibrant colors. Watch the video below for the full tutorial!!

One thing to consider before starting this technique is color choice. If you are not great at color combinations, like myself, Imagine has you covered! There are Mini Workstations available which contain four inks that all coordinate perfectly, plus a lot of bonuses that you can use with the ink as well! For my projects today I used the Falling Leaves Mini Workstation!

Finished 4.jpg

In the video I share two different ways to do this technique, one using more water, the other very little, and the results of each. They’re both done the exact same way, it’s just about what results you are looking for! When using little to no moisture, the colors stay a bit more separate and also the veins you create when blowing stay where they are and don’t move around on their own.

Finished 7

The exact opposite happens when you add more water. The color will blend together more and move around on their own more.

Finished 8.jpg

Here’s a closer look at both results side by side!

Finished 1.jpg

I am LOVING these cards and technique! The best part, each time you do this ink blowing technqiue, it will turn out differently, so it’s perfect to just play around with in your craft room!

If you are interested in any of the supplies I used today, you can find them all linked down below. Until next time, Happy Crafting!!

**Affiliate links are used at NO additional cost to you**

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