Nesting DieSet Backgrounds

Let me start by saying, Yes, I know dieset is NOT one word. But, Google doesn’t like the word “die” in titles – so that’s my fix. Anyway, back to the projects. I love nesting dies! They are such versatile sets and the techniques you can use them for is endless. I love making frames, matting panels, creating backgrounds, openings, shakers, etc. etc. etc. Today, I want to share some really fun and easy backgrounds you can make with a few different nesting die sets! And even though I am using sets with a fun zig zag edge, this technique will work with plain edge dies, stitched dies, scalloped dies, etc. I just really love the look of the zig zag! Watch the video below for all the details!

For my first card, I used the Zig Zag Rectangle die set and die cut several of the two smallest dies from kraft card stock. The background on this card is watercolor! I made a quick ombre with watercolor markers. I thought the zig zags really lended themselves to a sewing theme, so I added a “sew thoughtful” sentiment along with a needle and thread!

Finished 2.jpg

My second card, while made with the same technique, looks quite different! I used the Zig Zag Square die set and die cut the two smallest dies from white card stock. The background on this card is made with ink blending and I went super dark for a more masculine feel! And for the sentiment on this card I kept it very simple! I feel like the between the Zig Zag dies and the background this would make a really great masculine card design!

Finished 8.jpg

I love techniques that can be completely customized to fit your card making style. This is one of those techniques! You can change up the backgrounds with different colors and techniques! You can add stenciling, embossing, etc. Also, even though I used the smallest dies in both sets, you could make the dies on top larger and just not add as many! The possibilities are endless with this one!

Finished 4.jpg

I hope you all enjoyed today’s cards! I can’t wait to play around with more nesting die sets to create more fun cards! If you are interested in any of the supplies I used today, you can find them all listed and linked down below! Until next time, Happy crafting!!

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One thought on “Nesting DieSet Backgrounds

  1. Really interesting card and cool technique with dies. Never thought to use the dies in that way. Thank you for sharing the technique. You are sooo talented and creative with awesomeness!


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