Creating Vellum Overlay Wedding Invitations – 2 Ways

Today’s video has a bit of a different project waiting for you, I am making Wedding Invitations! Specifically, wedding invitations with vellum overlays, which I think are so gorgeous! And these invitations are very easy to make yourself. I have a few different ideas in the video and you can mix and match to fit your style!

First and foremost to start both invitations are A2 (4.25″ x 5.5″) in size. I like this size because you can create four of them from one piece of letter sized paper! I also printed all of the information onto the vellum with a laser printer. You can find free templates online, which you can customize, or you can make your own in Photoshop using free fonts found online!


Ok, now WHY did I use a laser printer? First of all, it won’t smear on the vellum like an ink jet will. Second, if you are printing a lot of these invitations, laser printing is going to be ALOT more cost efficient. Finally, I wanted to add foil onto one of the invitations. Be sure to watch the video above for all of the details on that! If you do not have or access to a laser printer, you can take your file to your local office supply store and have them print them for you for a very small cost!

Onto the backgrounds! This is where you can really add your own personal touches! One tip, I like to use pigment inks, specifically Versafine Clair Inks. Any ink you use is going to be a little dulled by the vellum overlay so you want to use a highly pigmented solid ink. Dye inks, while quick drying, just don’t do the job here IMO. Other than that this layer is really very customizable. Use any stamp set that fits your style and you can even switch up the color of the paper used! Just be sure to use a nice, sturdy, heavy weight paper for stability!

The last and final step of these two invitations is attaching the two layers together. Glue will show through the vellum, but there are fun ways to go about attaching them. On my first example I used an eyelet, which is my favorite way. You can also use brads like I did on my second example. A few other options are ribbons, staples (pretty colors, of course), twine, burlap, etc.! Again, it’s all about the aesthetic of your wedding!

Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you! That’s part of the fun of stamping and crafting!

I hope you all enjoyed the video today. If  you are interested in any of the supplies I used on my invitations today, you can find them all listed and linked down below! Until next time, Happy Crafting!!

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2 thoughts on “Creating Vellum Overlay Wedding Invitations – 2 Ways

  1. Gorgeous and charming!! As always amazing and creative! Love and appreciate your sharing and inspiring.


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