Stenciled Home Decor – Easy Tags Door Hanger

I have long admired all of the tag door hangers that I have seen on Pinterest and I couldn’t wait to be able to make my own. The weather FINALLY cooperated for a few hours so I could get outside and start to work a bit more with wood and this was the first project I wanted to make! It’s so easy and quick to put together, especially with the help of The Crafter’s Workshop’s line of home decor stencils! Be sure to watch the video tutorial down below for all the details!

As I said, this project is REALLY easy and perfect for beginners wanting to make their own wooden signs and home decor. It would also be a great project for craft fairs! It requires minimal tools, cheap wood, and very few finishing products. I start with a 1″ x 4″ board and cut down two 16″ boards. Then, on the top of each board, I cut two angles at 45 degrees using my miter saw. I promise, this sounds complicated, but it so incredibly easy. And I understand the miter saw can be a bit intimidating at first, so you could also use a jig saw and draw your angles with a triangle. And finally you need a drill and larger bit to drill out two holes at the top of each tag. I also sanded each tag with my hand sander, then it was time to bring them inside and finish up!


For painting my smaller signs like this, I like to use cheap acrylic paints. On this project, I used Ivory as the base color and black for the stenciling. For my tag door hanger today, I used the new Let Love Grow stencil from The Crafter’s Workshop, but there are so many wonderful stencils from their home decor line to use on these projects! I will leave a few linked down below! To apply my paint through the stencil I used a make up sponge. Multiple thinner layers work better than thicker globby layers! After adding my tulle bow and a little hot glue to be sure the tags stay where I wanted them, it was ready to hang!!


Today’s video was a bit different so I hope you all enjoyed it. This project was a lot of fun to make and I am so happy with the way it turned out! If you are interested in the stencil or supplies I used on this tag door hanger, you can find them all listed and linked down below! Until next time, happy crafting everyone!!

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