Schpirerr Farben Colored Pencils – A Review

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share today’s video with you because I found an affordable oil based colored pencil option!! I have tested a new to me brand – Schpirerr Farben – colored pencils for a few months now and I am finally ready to let you know my opinion on them. Before I start the review I do want to mention that these pencils were bought by me with my own money, this is NOT a sponsored review! With that, you can watch the review below!

Let’s do an overview of these pencils first.


Here’s a look at the full set of 72 pencils and a closer look at each individual tray and the color selection offered!

One little perk you get with these pencils is a free downloadable swatch sheet from the Schpirerr Farben website. You can find it HERE. I LOVE this so I don’t have to make my own and if I happen to have some spillage. There’s also a color scheme sheet. You can find it HERE.


These pencils are a standard size with a 3.3 mm lead size. Also, that lead is an oil based lead instead of wax based.


Each pencil comes labeled with a number and color name for easy recognition! This is a major PLUS in my book, especially when you love swatch sheets as much as I do.


Now that I’ve done the overview let’s get into how these work. To see me color with them, be sure to watch the video above! But let me say, I have colored with these quite a few times. In the video above I use ONLY the pencils and they blend nicely without a lot of time and effort. But, I have used these with my OMS/Gamsol and blending stumps and these blend out BEAUTIFULLY!! However, one point I want to mention, there is a smell. I didn’t notice it when I just used the pencils, but when I started blending with the OMS I could really smell it. You should be using OMS in a well ventilated area anyway, so just be sure to follow those rules! It didn’t cause a migraine for me (which is super easy to do), but just a little heads up!!


Colored pencils are what I reach for when I want to color on different mediums and also different colors of card stock. I wanted to be sure to test these pencils on both kraft and black card stock to see exactly how they performed.

On black cardstock, I wasn’t impressed. I felt like the pencils were still a bit transparent and just didn’t give enough coverage. However, if you want a bit of a transparent look then these pencils would be perfect!


On kraft card stock these worked great! They didn’t look nearly as transparent on the kraft paper. I do want to mention that the ink I used to stamp on both the kraft and black card stock is the new Staz On Pigment Ink in Snowflake. Find more about those inks HERE!


Onto pros and cons of these pencils



So would I recommend these pencils? ABSOLUTELY! Especially if you want to try an oil based colored pencil, these come at a great price point. And they aren’t just “cheap” they work GREAT! I also love that these are available on Amazon, especially because I can get Prime shipping for free!! And just a little reminder, I bought these myself because I wanted to try them and I have continued to use them and will keep using them!

If you want to try these pencils, too, you can find them HERE!



I hope you all enjoyed today’s review and until next time, happy crafting!!

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