Crafting with Kids – Shrinkydinks

Every month, we on the Imagine design team are tasked with different challenges to help inspire us on our monthly projects. This month it was all about saving memories. I don’t scrapbook, journal, etc, for me it’s about looking back at old photos of my kids just having fun! So I thought, why not share a way to MAKE memories with your kiddos! Shrinkydinks are something that my kids LOVE to make. I pull out my die cutting machine, stamps, and markers and let them go wild. They always have so much fun making little charms for necklaces, bracelets, keychains, etc. And not just for themselves, but friends, teachers, or to just hand out! I should also mention, I have a 4.5 year old and 10 year old. The 4 year old does need a little help with die cutting, but other than that they are both able to make these up until the oven. You can watch the full tutorial below for lots of tips, tricks and ideas!

I do want to share a few tips here on my blog as well so keep reading for a few pointers I’ve learned along the way. First of all, for stamping Staz On Pigment is my go to! It is nice and opaque and works beautifully to color these shrinky dinks and stamp on them as well! But because the shrinky dink plastic is a non porous surface you need to use an ink that is a permanent ink and will “stick” to a slick surface.

To learn more about the new Staz On Pigment Ink, head HERE for my video on these new inks!!

One you die cut, cut, stamp, color, etc. your shrinky dinks it’s time to do that shrinking! First of all, if you are making these into charms you need to add your holes. Use a regular hole punch for this. It will shrinky down to a much smaller opening! Also, several videos I have seen swear by using a heat gun – I don’t like the heat gun and find the oven works much better and saves my fingers!

Here’s a look at a test I did. I used my heat gun on the feather on the left and the oven on the right. The oven does take a little longer and of course you have to turn your oven on, but it creates such a nicer finished look. I just can’t see to get a flat charm using the heat gun.

Other than those few tips above, it’s really all about having fun with your kids and letting them go wild! One little tip about crafting with kids. I like to cover my kitchen table with a large trash bag that I cut open (kind of like a table cloth). This protect my kitchen table, not just for this craft, but dyeing eggs, painting, etc. etc. etc. I like to hang onto these and use them a few times before tossing them.

I hope you all enjoyed the video and a look at a fun craft you can do with your kids this summer (or anytime!). I’ve listed the supplies I used down below! Happy Crafting!!

**Affiliate links are used. For full disclosure head HERE.

Items marked with (*) were sent to me for free for design purposes.

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