Catherine Pooler Ink Pads

I love the Catherine Pooler Ink Pads. They are the only dye ink pad that I have the full sized pad. As many of you know, I work in a really small space, so I am very choosy on what takes up real estate and these ink pads are definitely worth it! I am always seeing so many questions about the Catherine Pooler ink pads on social media, stamping forums, etc. so I thought I would share with you the reasons WHY I love them so much, some of the great benefits with using this line, and also a few fun techniques and properties that these ink pads offer. Keep reading down below! A video is coming soon, but it’s vacation week at the moment!!

Catherine Pooler ink pads are an awesome choice if you have trouble with color combinations like I do. They come in “collections” and each ink pad within that collection pairs perfectly together. For instance, the Spring Fling collection is full of soft pastel colors and each color in that collection can be used together. That’s not to say you can’t mix colors from different collections, but for those of us that have a bit of trouble pairing colors, this is super helpful!

There is also a Neutral Collection in the line, which is what I use to pair with any and all of the collections! And included in the neutral collection is a great black ink pad – Midnight – which I have done a separate video on to share what coloring mediums it works with! You can check that out below!

Now onto some of the techniques I love to use with Catherine Pooler ink pads. The first is basic stamping! These inks stamp BEAUTIFULLY!!! I stamped a quick background for this card using inks from the Life of the Party Collection. And for the sentiment, I pulled from the Neutral collection! Super simple and easy to quickly pull together a card where the colors coordinate so well!

These inks are also great for blending! I created a quick blended rainbow with my make up blending brushes and just three ink pads from the Zen Garden Collection. I was then able to die cut that ink blending for a quick focal point to hold my sentiment, which again, I pulled from the Neutral collection. I also pulled Twilight from the Neutral collection to quickly blend on a quick background!!

A few more things to know about these inks, they react with water!!!! As you can see I was able to pull up the color from the ink blending and create a “bleached” effect with just a baby wipe and a stencil. Super easy technique, with eye catching results! Also, because they are water based inks you can watercolor with them, which I’ve shown HERE, but you can also mix them with a bit of water and splatter for a great effect, too.

So those are just a few of the great benefits of the Catherine Pooler Ink collection that Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps carries! I will leave links to everything I used down below and until next time, happy crafting!!

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