Ombre Ink Blending – Tips & Tricks

Ink blending is something I do so often, I never even think of it as a “technique” in cardmaking. I have been making cards for close to ten years now and I seem to forget that it took me YEARS of practice to be comfortable and happy with the results of my ink blending. Today I’m sharing three different cards, each with a different color combination and different inks, that feature backgrounds with ombre ink bending! Watch the video tutorial below!!

I also want to mention that I am a part of the Imagine Design Team. I was so excited to be chosen as I absolutely LOVE their products. Not only that, but being on the team I have come to know a few of those who work at the Imagine office and they are such a great company and team to be associated with! They truly strive to have the best products that give the best results for their customers!

Because I am on the design team, I upload all of my Imagine video tutorials to the Imagine YouTube channel, instead of my own. I would HIGHLY suggest going to subscribe to their channel if you haven’t already. Not only will you find all of my videos there, but there are a lot of amazing artists who upload their project there, too! But in order for you to be able to find all of my Imagine videos, I have created a playlist on my channel that lists each video I upload there! You can find that playlist below!!

Onto the projects! My first project I wanted to create a scene and I needed a sky for that scene, specifically a sunset. I wanted my inks to blend and sink into the paper where they would blend together even more. Because of that, I chose dye inks to blend with. I love using the Memento Dew Drops for ink blending. You can get so many different colors for just a few dollars a piece. The colors I used were Morocco, Tangelo, Cantaloupe and Dandelion.

A tip to help choose colors – SWATCH YOUR INK. You can see in the video above exactly how I swatch my inks (nothing fancy), but this saves so much time and helps to compare colors against each other and make sure you have the same tones to achieve a great ombre blend!

On my second card I really wanted to share an ink blended background through a stencil. Why? Because ink blending through a stencil is easier for beginners in my opinion. Because the blending is broken up you have the illusion of a better blend. Again, I chose dye inks (Memento again) and I have to say that I think dye inks are easier to work with for beginners.

I chose New Sprout, Pistachio, Olive Grove and Northern Pine, These inks are NOT all the same tone and if I would have tried to ink blend an ombre background with these specific inks on just plain cardstock it would have taken a lot of work to get it to look right. But because I used a stencil, I could get away with the different tones and gaps in the colors. So if you’re new to card making or just don’t have a lot of inks and still want to blend an ombre background or just blend a background, try using a stencil first!

My third project is a bit different in that I used pigment ink. I chose Versafine Clair inks in Fallen Leaves, Pinecone and Acorn. Pigment inks can be a bit more difficult to blend togehter and to be honest, I’m not 100% comfortable with blending them. So what did I do? I chose to ink blend through a stencil!

Pigment inks sit on top of the paper and will move around for a longer period of time. Because of those properties, you do have more playtime with the inks, but sometimes that’s not such a great thign when ink blending. If you get a splotch of inks, it’s a great property to have. You can blend it out very easily. But if you have the perfect blend between two colors and you want to add in your third color you have to be careful to not blend into that earlier blend becasue it will move!

One final tip for ink blending of any sort – FIND THE INK BLENDING TOOL THAT YOU ARE MOST COMFORTABLE WITH AND WORKS BEST FOR YOU! There are so many option for blending inks, numerous brush types, sponges, daubers, small “Fantastix”, blending tools, etc. etc. etc. This is going to be a lot of trial and error, because everyone is different. For me, I like Jumbo Sponge Daubers for larger backgrounds, Small Daubers for more precise ink placement, but my favorite are a cheap set of make up brushes from Amazon.

I hope you all found some tips and tricks to help with your ink blending and I hope to go more in depth in a future Stamping 101 post! If you have any questions or suggestions for ink blending, leave them down below in the comments because I would love to hear them!

And if you’re interested in any of the supplies I used today, you can find them all listed and linked down below. Until next time, happy crafting!!

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