Staz On Pigment Ink & Coloring Mediums

So many of us find color therapeutic, but there is nothing worse than stamping your images to color, or worse stamping AND masking an entire scene, going to color it and realizing you used the WRONG ink for your coloring medium.

When I first started stamping, I was thoroughly confused on what inks could work with what mediums and what inks I needed to buy for what purposes. Because of that, each black ink I buy I make a video for it. I test each ink against several coloring mediums and that’s exactly what I did today. I tested the Staz On Pigment ink (Piano Black) with so many color mediums to see what works and what doesn’t. Watch the video below for the results!

And if you are unfamiliar with the new Staz On Pigment inks, you can watch the video I did on them below, too!

I know not all of us have the ability, or want, to watch videos so here’s the run down of all the results of this “test”.

A few notes about how I set this up. First, each stamp is done with a solid image and is stamped twice with a MISTI. Also, because this is a pigment ink, each swatch was heat set. Finally, I used yellow coloring mediums so you could easily see any smearing that may occur.

To make this super simple, I will label each photo with the coloring medium used and if you should or should not use them together.

Coloring Medium: Alcohol Markers

Coloring Medium: Colored Pencils & OMS (Gamsol)
Results: IT WORKS!

Coloring Medium: Dove Blender Pen + Chalks & Inks
Results: IT WORKS!

Coloring Medium: Ink Blending (Dye Inks) + Reacting with Water
**White Cardstock Swatch & Watercolor Paper Swatch
Results: It works, but not your best option. Water marks were left on black ink,
but there technically was no bleeding of color.

Moving on to watercolor based items each swatch is stamped and tested on watercolor paper.

Coloring Medium: Pan Watercolors
Results: It works!

Coloring Medium: Watercolor Markers (Brush & Felt Tip)(With & Without Water)
Results: It works!

Coloring Medium: Watercolor Pencils
Results: It works!

So what works and what doesn’t work?

What Works

  • Colored Pencils & OMS
  • Dove Blender Pen
  • Ink Blending WITHOUT reacting with water
  • Watercolor (Pan, Marker, Pencils)

What Doesn’t Work

  • Alcohol Markers
  • Ink Blending WITH reacting with water

So there’s all the information on what coloring medium do and do not work with the Staz On Pigment Ink. And while I used Piano Black in this example, you can use this information for ALL of the Staz On Pigment ink pads as they are all the same formula!

If you are interested or want to purchase any of these inks or coloring mediums for yourself, you can find the list of what I used down below! Until next time, happy crafting!!

**Affiliate links are used in the supply list above. For more details and the full disclosure head HERE.

To check out more black inks and what coloring mediums work with them, check out my YouTube Playlist!

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