4 Ways to Add Glitter to Stenciling

I love using glitter and stencils, so today I’m pairing those two things together! When I first started using stencils I didn’t know how many techniques you could use them for. Once I realized I had more than even one way of adding glitter to stencils, let alone FOUR, I knew I had to make a video completely dedicated to all the different ways I know of adding glitter to your stenciling. Be sure to watch the video tutorial below!!

Some of the supplies used in the video and blog post were provided to me free of charge for design purposes. I only ever design for and use products from companies whose products I love and stand behind 100%! For the full disclosure head HERE.

The first way of adding glitter to your stencils that I’m sharing is heat embossing. This is such an easy way to add a bit of glitter and it doesn’t budge once it’s heat set! I started by ink blending a quite, bold and bright background onto some plain cardstock. Here’s what’s important though, BEFORE placing your stencil be sure your ink is fully dry and you have generously applied an anti static powder. This is going to help you immensely in the long run!

Close Up of Using Embossing Powder to Add Glitter - Iridescent Clear used here.

I used the Waves stencil from The Crafter’s Workshop and flipped it upside down to create the look of “mermaid scales” on the background. Also, I use a sponge to apply Versamark through the stencil. I feel I get into all the little nooks and crannies that way! The embossing powder I used was Clear Iridescent from Image – one of my new FAVORITES!!

Using heat embossing to add glitter to stenciling.

My next project uses a product I have used several times in the past – Tacky-When-Dry Gel Medium from The Crafter’s Workshop. This is such a fun and versatile medium to have on hand and creates a really unique finish with glitter. The trick with this gel medium is to apply it with as smooth of a finish as possible, no lumps or bumps!

Close Up - Tacky When Dry Gel Medium with the Wave stencil. I added blue fine glitter to the gel medium when dry.

The gel medium will go on white, but you’ll know it’s dry when it turns clear! And true to it’s name, it’s going to be VERY sticky!!! Watch out for stray pet hairs, lint, embossing powder, etc. I used a fine glitter from Wow! in blue to add to my Wave stencil!

Tacky When Dry Gel Medium with blue glitter through the Wave stencil.

For more ways to use the Tacky When Dry Gel Medium from The Crafter’s Workshop, you can watch this video!

For my next project, you’re going to need a few specific supplies. First, Hot Foil Gel Medium from The Crafter’s Workshop. Again, be sure to make it as smooth as possible. I put mine through the Script Dots stencil onto plain white card stock. And just like the earlier medium, it’s going to go on white and you know it’s dry and ready to use when it turns clear. This medium isn’t going to be sticky though!

Close Up - Hot Foil Gel with Heidi Swapp Glitter Sheets in Gold.

To glitter this medium you’re going to want to use the Minc Glitter Sheets from Heidi Swapp. These are so fun!! The sheets come in four different colors, I used gold, and once they’re embedded in the medium, they aren’t going anywhere! I like to run mine through my laminator, on it’s hottest setting, twice to make sure everything is good and set.

Hot Foil Gel with Heidi Swapp Glitter Transfer Sheets (Gold). A velvety finish!!

My last technique for adding glitter to your stenciling actually has a video I made that is solely dedicated to it. I will leave it linked below! DIY Glitter Gel is super easy to make and when you make it yourself it’s completely customizable! But if you don’t feel like making it yourself, you can buy many fantastic colors that are already made up for you!

Close Up - DIY Glitter Gel (Gloss Gel Medium + Glitter)

I mixed up my GLOSS Gel Medium (yes, it needs to be gloss for a shiny finish) with a Rose Gold chunkier glitter. You want to make sure you add enough glitter to make the gel a “gritty/sandy” texture. Then, I put the freshly made glitter gel through the new Coral Spray stencil to create a quick background for my card!

A DIY Glitter gel. I mixed Gloss Gel Medium with glitter and put it through the Coral Spray Stencil.

For the full video on creating your own DIY Glitter Gel head HERE.
For more fun ways to use Gloss Gel Medium head HERE (Resist Stenciling Technique), HERE (Stained Glass Stenciling), HERE (See Through Stained Glass Card Fronts).

Four different ways to add glitter to your stenciling!

This was such a fun video to put together, but glitter can be messy! I’ll be coming back shortly with a video solely dedicated to the easy way I use to clean up all that glitter mess! So be sure to come back!

I hope you all enjoyed a look at these four different ways to add glitter to your stenciling. And if you are interested in any of the supplies I used on my cards today, I’ve listed and linked them all down below! Until next time, happy crafting!!

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

Other (Or Used on Multiple Cards)

**Supply list above contains affiliate links. For the full disclosure head HERE.

For more fun ways to use stencils, check out my Stencil Playlist on YouTube!!

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