Deal With It: Cleaning Up Embossing Powder & Glitter

I love to use glitter and embossing powder, but it never fails I always end up with little specks or granules of them all over my work surface. They stick to my projects, hands, and just kind of end up EVERYWHERE! I have tried the duster clothes, but they just don’t work well in my small cluttered space. But I found something that does work for me and I’ve shared it in a few videos, but I wanted to give it it’s own dedicated Deal With It video so no one misses it! You can watch down below to see what I use and how I clean up embossing powder & glitter easily!

I hope you all found this Deal With It video helpful! And if you need a lint roller in your life, I’ve linked some down below that are Prime eligible! I’ve also linked the embossing powder I was using and the craft mat I was working on! Happy Crafting!!

Supply list contains affiliate links. These links cost nothing extra for you to use, but do help me cover the costs of running this blog. For more information on affiliate links and the full disclosure head HERE.

For more Deal With It videos, that tackle all your crafty problems, check out my Playlist on YouTube!

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