A Simple Card

There are times in life when a card is needed to send for encouragement or just to let the recipient know you are thinking of them during really difficult times, diagnosis, life events, etc. Those times are rough and to be quite honest, it can be hard to know exactly HOW to create a card for those occassions. Today, I am sharing a very simple encouragement card that is made with the new Hope stamp set from Joy Clair Stamps. And while this card (and set) was made with Breast Cancer Awareness in mind, please know that this can be tailored to suit your needs or recipient! Check online for a reference list of what the different colors of ribbons means so you can color accordingly.

I’m doing something a bit different today. The video is a short one so I am posting it over on Instagram TV. Click the photo below to take you there and check it out!

This is a super simple card to put together. I made this card with a pink ribbon, but you can find many references online where you can find the ribbon colors and their meanings. This card could easily be customized to suit the recipient’s needs.

I hope you all enjoyed this shorter type of video! And if you are interested in any of the supplies I used, you can find them all listed and linked down below! Until next time, happy crafting!!

2 thoughts on “A Simple Card

  1. Although I have breast cancer I have told everyone I know not to send me cards with that pink ribbon. I hate it. It says breast cancer and I don’t need any more reminders. HOWEVER I do like this set. It does not seem to be “in your face” or say “you have CANCER”. I love the verses that go with it too. I am tempted to buy this set because, once you have cancer, you discover a whole new world where “everybody” has cancer — at least the ones who inhabit your new world. This is a nice set and I hope you have not taken my comments as criticism. I realize it is probably just a personal pet peeve of mine.


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