2 Panels 4 Cards

Hi everyone! Today I am joining a fun video hop over on YouTube with so many wonderful talented ladies! We are sharing some of our favorite fall color combinations and I can’t wait to see all the inspiration!! I will leave the entire linked list down below so you don’t miss anyone!

My color combo was so easy to come up with because I have a board on Pinterest dedicated specifically to color combinations. You can follow it HERE!! But with that color combo I created 2 different panels. But from those 2 panels, I created 4 cards and used up every scrap of those panels! Be sure to watch the video tutorial below for all the details!!

Some supplies used in this video tutorial were sent to me free of charge for design purposes. I only design for companies I can stand behind 100%. To see what companies I have and currently design for head HERE.

If you get lost along the way here’s the entire list!

Nicole Watt – https://youtu.be/N25QDNZc9xc
Teri Wilson – https://youtu.be/bIe01WdXjb8
Amber Rain Davis – https://youtu.be/Fry95crObos
Lindsay Adreon – https://youtu.be/I-GRaMBDtSI
EK Gorman – https://youtu.be/qty2ZwObLBY
Fairuz Fabiha – https://youtu.be/nPam-2YL1eQ
Tasha RJ – https://youtu.be/kGFDKX0k9XU
Karen Hasheck – https://youtu.be/Kn-aUjMXBcA
Betz Golden – https://youtu.be/XToiJM9t7wg
Amanda Stevens – https://youtu.be/4MopVFMh0CA
Gale A. Williams-Thompson – https://youtu.be/UiJlbBSMs5I
Becky Bac – https://youtu.be/d55aAUUKZXQ
Kari Allen VanNoy – https://youtu.be/qDjQL3F_o7s
Diane Warme – https://youtu.be/woRO-b4M9OA
Janet VanLone Trieschman – https://youtu.be/ekNxZ8bpjt4
Adrianne Galvin – https://youtu.be/pihoYeUCzeY
Fiona Stanton – https://youtu.be/_847xBOuAyQ
Deborah Jenkins – https://youtu.be/1NapFWQ0T_Y
Joanne Maree Soukup – https://youtu.be/Lqz_NFAda4A
Sladjana Donna Perisic – https://youtu.be/sqPXBkqzRr8
Tracy Shultz – https://youtu.be/9XAt5t7fPrU
Nicola Knobel – https://youtu.be/ya4c-F5vYnA
Jasmine Burgess – https://youtu.be/OxSXFpRIXrE
Jessica Francisco – https://youtu.be/9aqa2AKvFLQ

If you are interested in any of the products I used today, they are all listed and linked down below! Until next time, happy crafting!!

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