Plaid Backgrounds

Hey everyone! Today, I am sharing a fun video tutorial over on the Imagine channel that’s all about plaid stamping. This month, Imagine partnered with Waffle Flower to bring you some amazing inspiration and I was so excited for this collab! Waffle Flower has one of my FAVORITE stamps sets that I own called Plaid Play so I knew I needed to use it on my projects! It is such a versatile set. You can create not only some amazing plaid backgrounds like I’ll be sharing today, but also stripes, I’ve also done some swipe stamping with it, angled stamping, gingham, etc. The possibilities are literally endless!! Be sure to watch the video down below to see how easy it is to create some plaid backgrounds and also see another great stamp layering set from Waffle Flower as well!

Some supplies used in the video above were sent to me free of charge for design purposes. I only ever design for companies I can stand behind 100%! To see who I currently and have previously designed for, head HERE.

Plaid stamping is so easy to do, as long as you have a stripe stamp set like Plaid Play. The reason I enjoy this set, particularly, is because not only does it contain a variety of solid line stamps, it also has a few fun lines as well that you can add into the mix!

There are so many ways you can arrange your stripes to create a plaid look, but another way to customize your plaid is with the color combinations! The possibilities are literally endless here! For my cards, I went with a fall color palette. A few tips to create a color palette – swatch your inks! This helps so much making sure your pairings really coordinate with each other. Also, follow my Pinterest board on color combinations. Finding some inspiration helps me so much, especially as a starting point! I can add more colors or not include all that are in the examples, but this really helps me find colors that I like that go together!

One last thing about creating plaid backgrounds, they take time. Because they are a bit more time intensive, I like to create as many cards as possible with one panel. I shared this on a previous tutorial, which I’ll link below, but today I also did stretched my panel between two cards. Another great thing to do, especially if you are using a stamp positioner and taking the time to line up each stamp, make sure it’s straight, etc, is to create more than one panel. You can easily switch up the colors and try different combos, but keep your stamps lined up and just switch out the panel. This way you can create a set of cards in just a little time!

Also on today’s card I used another fun and unique stamp layering set from Waffle Flower. Their stamp layering sets are so unique! I used one on my earlier post, Biking Girls, that I haven’t ever seen anything like before! The set I used today is the Cacti stamp layering set, but it’s stitches. These are super easy to line up whether you use a stamp positioner or not, and they’re too cute!

Plaid stamping, and really any time intensive backgrounds, can be so intimidating to start, but once you get going they really can come together quickly and are so fun to stamp. I especially love when it’s finished and you can’t tell the differene between your stamped panels and patterned paper you buy at the store!

If you are interested in any of the supplies I used today, I’ll link them all down below for you! Until next time, happy crafting!!

Some affiliate links are used in the supply list above. Affiliate links cost you nothing to use, but I do receive a small commission from these that help pay to run this blog & YouTube Channel. For more information on affiliate links and the full disclosure head HERE.

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