Working in Small Space – WCD My Space with Joy Clair Stamps

Happy World Cardmaking Day!!!!

Today is full of fun challenges, cardmaking inspiration, and crafty sales! My first “challenge” I am taking part in is with Joy Clair Stamps and it is all about sharing your workspace.

From last year, not much has changed in my workspace. I still work in a VERY small coat closet, made into a “crafty” closet. So I’m going to share my previous tour here today. But keep reading below for some storage tricks that work for me in my small space!

Designing for several companies, I receive quite a lot of products. But if you’re not a designer, just starting out or running short on space my biggest tip of all is to quit buying and use what you have! When I’m purchasing my own products I first load up my cart and then I wait for a few days or maybe even longer. I don’t purchase that day. When I do go back to look at what’s in my cart, there are items I’ve forgotten I’ve put in there. Maybe they were on sale, but not really my style, or I’ve completely forgotten about them. If that’s the case, I don’t need them. Also, I need to have SEVERAL ideas or ways to use the products I buy. One idea/use products aren’t good for my storage or wallet.

So that’s the main way I keep my small space working for me. But because I do work for companies and receive those products and need to USE them, I have to get creative with my storage. I LOVE the storage carts that you can purchase from Ikea, Michaels, etc. They provide some much needed storage that is completely movable! Also, shelves, peg boards, and over the door storage are great ways to add more storage to small spaces!

Finally, destashing is a must. And it’s continually happening in my closet. If I’m not using it, it’s retired and I no longer want it, etc, it leaves my area and goes to a home where it will be loved! There really isn’t any need to keep something just to have it. And if some day there comes a time when I think “I really wish I had that stamp set again” I can almost always find something very similar on the market.

So now that I’ve told you how I make my small work space work for me I want to tell you about the challenge over at Joy Clair Stamps today. Challenge 1 is to share a photo of your work space! So simple! And there are prizes, too! The randomly chosen winner will receive 2 stamp sets of their choice from Joy Clair Stamps!!

And if you aren’t feeling up to a photo today, you have until 10/13/19 at 11:55 PM (EST) to link up your photo to the challenge! Click the photo below to be taken to challenge link!!

Also, if you have any stamp sets that have been on your wish list, you can purchase them at 25% off today!! Joy Clair stamps is celebrating World Cardmaking day not only with all of these wonderful challenges and prizes, but with a great sale, too!
Just click the photo below to go to the shop!

Be sure to come back at 12 PM (EST) and I’ll show you some of my favorite Joy Clair Stamp Sets and introduce you to a new challenge with more prizes!

Have fun crafting on this great World Cardmaking Day!

3 thoughts on “Working in Small Space – WCD My Space with Joy Clair Stamps

  1. I loved your tour! It was really “relatable”. Quick, and maybe trivial question (sorry). You quickly showed a piece of 12×12 brick patterned paper you use for back drops. Can you talk me who makes that? Thank you!


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