Masking Tape Backgrounds

It’s back to an older technique today! For awhile I have been researching “older” cardmaking techniques that I’ve either forgotten about, or never heard of and sharing them with you all. I’ll my previous videos below that feature plastic wrap/bag smooshing, rubber band stamping, etc.

To create these fun masking tape backgrounds you need masking tape (I used painter’s tape) and an ink pad. I used dye inks, but pigment inks will work, too. Pigment inks will just stay wetter for a bit longer, so you will need to let them dry.

This technique is so easy. All you need to do is tear off a piece of masking tape to the desired length and ink up the STICKY side by pressing it onto the ink pad. You can be really deliberate and make sure you have it completely covered in ink or you can be a little less precise and go for a more distressed look! Then, just place the tape onto cardstock and press! After lifting the tape, you should be left with a stripe.

On my first card, I used Christmas colors and “stamped” the tape in a plaid pattern. To achieve the different widths with the tape I use my paper trimmer to cut it down. This card was so much fun to finish with the “Merry Christmoose” stamp set from Joy Clair Stamps!

On my second card I went for a more solid look, but really cut the tape down into different widths for a fun striped background. I chose a more dusty color palette so I could use the “Deer Friends” stamp set from Joy Clair and make a fun autumn card!

I stamped, colored and ink blended a little scene to put on the background. There is quite a bit of coloring on all three cards. For ALL of the coloring, I used my Prismacolor Colored Pencils and blended them out with OMS and blending stumps.

On my third card I really wanted to go for a more distress look. In order to get that look, I didn’t press the tape into the ink pad very well. I chose my color palette to go with a boy birthday card, so blue, orange and green – very bright colors!

I chose to finish this card with the “Jesus is My Jam” stamp set. Even though it is from the Color by Faith Series, I thought the images would be perfect for a boy’s birthday card! Be sure to look at your Bible Journaling stamp sets and think of how you can use them in your “everyday” stamping!

This was such a fun technique to do and so many ways to do it, too! You can change up the patterns, color combos, and tape widths to really take this technique and make it your own!

If you are interested in any of the supplies I used today, you can find them all listed and linked down below. Until next time, happy crafting!!

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More videos you may enjoy. Just click the photo to watch!

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