Metal Adaptor Plate – Why You Need This Tool!

Last year, I bought the most gorgeous die from Kat Scrappiness. It was my first time buying a background die and I loved the intricacy of this die. When I got it, I was so excited to use it, but I quickly found out that my machine doesn’t handle intricate dies all that well anymore. I mean it is 11 years old and has been used HEAVILY in those years. So the pressure just isn’t what it used to be. To get the really intricate details to cut I had to rotate the die several times, running it back and forth and adding shims. It took too much time and after a while I stopped reaching for this gorgeous die and really put off buying any intricate dies from then on.

I have known about metal adaptor plates, but to be quite honest, I didn’t think they would work all that well and I didn’t think they would do anymore then a paper shim was already doing. I was soo wrong!!! Be sure to watch the video below to see this product in action!!

I hope you all enjoyed a look at the metal adaptor plate and why I think it’s such a great investment! If you are interested in purchasing one, I’ve left a few links down below where you can find them!

Until next time, happy crafting!

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More videos you may enjoy. Just click the photos to watch!

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