Beginner Cardmaking Techniques – Emboss Resist 2 Ways

I have been making cards for 11 years now. During that time I have picked up so many different techniques and time and time again as I’m making my videos, I notice that I gloss over some of the technqiues I learned as a beginner and not taking into account new card makers who may not know how to do some of these techniques. So from time to time I want to make dedicated videos for these “beginner” techniques. Today’s video is one I learned so many years ago, but I still use it often. If you want to learn more about how to create cards using the emboss resist technique you want watch the video below!

Some supplies used in the video above were sent to me free of charge for design purposes. I only ever design for companies I can stand behind 100%! To see who I currently or have previously designed for head HERE.

To do this emboss resist technique you will first need to know how to heat emboss. If you are unfarmiliar with heat embossing and want to know more, head to my Cardmaking 101 Series on YouTube. There you will find how to heat embossing, what supplies you’ll need, and so many tips and tricks!

Both of my projects today feature the same two stamps from Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps. I wanted to keep the layout of both cards pretty much identical and simple so you could really focus on the technique! Here’s a look at both cards!

Emboss Resist 2 Ways - A beginner friendly cardmaking technique!

On my first card I went with a silver embossing powder to heat emboss with. That is another thing about this technique. You can switch up the color of embossing powder to use to create different looks! You can also switch up what medium you use for the resit. In this first project I used dye inks.

Emboss Resist with Inks and Ink Blending

For my second project I switched it up a bit. I went with a white embossing powder on watercolor paper. I used watercolor paper so I could then use watercolors as my resist mediums. Arteza Brush markers are what I used!

Watercolor Emboss Resist with Arteza Real Brush Markers

Something I do want to mention, I used white space on both cards to create the look of snow. Previously, I created a video that shares so many different ways to add snow effects to your handmade cards! Check it out by clicking the photo below!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s video! If you are interested in any of the supplies I used, you can find them all listed and linked down below! Until next time, happy crafting!!

The supply list above contains affiliate links that can be used at no additional charge to you. For more information on affiliate links along with the full disclosure head HERE.

More videos you may enjoy! Click the photos to watch!

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